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Christmas Dinner

Let the feasting begin! With the All Things Delicious Christmas menu, rest-assured that all your dinner guests will leave your home happily fed. From canapés, to colourful salads and meaty show-stoppers and decadent desserts, let our chefs do all the work for you!


A Christmas without a Christmas Log Cake doesn’t feel truly like Christmas, does it? The pastry chefs at All Things Delicious have pulled all the stops and come up with three gorgeous log cakes and a dreamy, snow-covered sugee cake, straight out of a winter’s tale.

Sweet & Special Christmas Gift Ideas

We are making a list and checking it twice! Everyone deserves something lovely for Christmas and All Things Delicious have got an amazing array of delicious gifts. From gift baskets filled with gorgeous handmade treats, to gift boxes and care packs that can suit a variety of budgets.

Christmas Cookies

Making the All Things Delicious Gingerbread Wreaths has been our long-standing tradition every Christmas. Each gingerbread cookie is lovingly piped by hand with royal icing by our Christmas elves in beautiful designs. There are many other types of handcrafted cookies available to dress up your Christmas nibble table with.

Christmas Greeting Card

Send someone your cheerful personalised handwritten holiday wishes with our Season's Greetings Christmas Card!

Simply add them to the cake, hamper or cookie jar of your choice, right on the product page. Or you can order this greeting card separately.

That's what we call: The Art of Gifting!

Christmas Gifts & Dinner Suggestions

All Things Delicious is ready to serve you this Christmas in Singapore

Celebrate Christmas grandeur this year with a captivating line-up of mouthwatering Festive lunch and dinner suggestions, Christmas log cakes, cookies and Christmas gifts from All Things Delicious.

Christmas Catering & Mini Buffets

The Christmas season always motivates our chefs to go one step further in serving you the very best All Things Delicious has to offer. To create your own Christmas Mini Buffet, start with some of the suggestions below and add on from our extensive catering and bakery menus until it completely fulfils the needs of your Xmas Party. Here are some of the highlights from our Christmas Catering Menu.

Roast Turkey Roulade with the Works - Succulent and filled with a delicious stuffing of cranberries and pistachios. Gorgeous when sliced and laid out on your heirloom platter from mum, the roulade makes a beautiful Christmas centrepiece. Comes complete with roasted vegetables along with cranberry sauce and a choice of either chestnut gravy or herb & roasted garlic gravy.
Roast Beef with The Works - Tender and flavourful, with a beautiful crust, the highly-developed caveman (or cavewoman) in you would naturally want to eat this with some potatoes and roast vegetables. 
Mezze Platter with Steak - With a selection of antipasto vegetables, marinated feta cheese, muhammara dip, hummus dip, kalamata olives and a juicy, sliced grass-fed steak. Yum! Comes with handmade flatbread.  
Curried Lamb & Potato Pies (Box of 4s) - Made of tender lamb shoulder, this slightly spicy and curried pulled lamb with baby potatoes is hidden underneath an all-butter puff pastry. Absolutely satisfying and perfect with a side salad for a light lunch or for sharing at the dinner table.
Chicken Liver Pâté - Nutrient-rich chicken livers from fresh chickens are used to make this smooth pâté, great for nibbling as a starter or presented on trays as canapés. Et voila, you are instantly the hostess (or host) with the mostest! We CANNOT STOP nibbling on these! with the Comes in 150g portions presented in an air-tight glass jar. Comes with olive-oil toasted crostini. 
Christmas Confetti Salad - This is an in-between type of salad that is neither too heavy nor too light. We have got the greens, we have got the roasted vegetables (pumpkin, beetroot and cauliflower) and there’s the crunch from the house-made nut praline. Add to that a sprinkling of feta cheese and pomegranate seeds for some zing and toss them all with our honey dijon dressing.
Trussed & Terrific - Celebrate Christmas with a wide variety of All Things Delicious’ festive treats this year! Ranging from the best-selling Turkey Roulade or Roast Beef to hearty Mezze Platter with Steak, Confetti Salad or Curried Lamb & Potato Pies, Basmati Pilaf or Aglio Olio with Mushrooms Pasta and delicious Christmas Log Cakes!
Meaty & Merry - Celebrate Christmas with a wide variety of All Things Delicious’ festive treats this year! Ranging from the best-selling Turkey Roulade or Roast Beef to hearty Mezze Platter with Steak, Chicken Liver Pate and delicious Christmas Log Cakes!
Roasted & Ready - Celebrate Christmas with a wide variety of All Things Delicious’ festive treats this year! Ranging from the best-selling Turkey Roulade or Roast Beef with Chicken Liver Pate and delicious Christmas Log Cakes!
Fresh & Festive - Celebrate Christmas with a wide variety of All Things Delicious’ festive treats this year! Ranging from the best-selling Turkey Roulade or Roast Beef, Confetti Salad or Curried Lamb & Potato Pies, Basmati Pilaf or Aglio Olio with Mushroom Pasta and delicious Christmas Log Cakes!
Chef-to-Go Mini Buffet - At All Things Delicious, our team of talented chefs are there for you and offer this next best alternative that you may not get from takeaway food - fresh, wholesome, healthy and super yummy! We've taken comfort foods from all around the globe and present to you the flavours here!


Christmas Log Cakes and other Festive Cakes

 Isn't Christmas the most wonderful time of the year to indulge a  few extra sweet delights from our bakery? Well, look no further, we have your festive sweet needs covered!

Chestnut Caramel Log Cake (GF) - Made of a soft almond sponge, layered with chestnut mousse, vanilla cremeux, sea salt caramel and chestnut pieces - just writing about it makes us salivate and thinking about that tasting session the pastry team did back in August - yes that is how early we plan our Christmas menu. This log cake is not overly sweet, and as beautiful as it is delicious!
Black Forest Log Cake - Made of a delicate chocolate sponge, rolled together in a not-so-sweet chocolate mousse and dotted with juicy, dark cherries. The cake gets covered in a dark chocolate whipped ganache for a delicious and dark finish. This is the perfect Christmas dessert ever!
Carrot Log Cake - Our best-selling carrot cake now comes in its Christmas iteration! Soft and spiced just right, the carrot cake is rolled in a cream cheese frosting and topped with these super-delicious candied walnuts. Santa would definitely approve! All our cakes are made with unrefined sugar, cultured butter, cage-free eggs and are free from artificial colours or flavours.
Gingerbread House Sugee Cake - The gingerbread house has been made lovingly and piped by hand by our cake artisans (aka Christmas elves), so each one is unique. Definitely a show-stopper for your Christmas spread!
Gingerbread House Kit - Make your own! - Build and decorate your own gingerbread house! Each box comes with complete instructions together with the handmade cookies for two houses, royal icing, icing sugar and a piping bag.
The Sweet Christmas Party Set - Can’t decide with the choices here at All Things Delicious? Why not consider getting this bundle that includes everything from a breathtaking Gingerbread House Sugee Cake to the aesthetically pleasing Christmas Braided Brioche Wreath. Our gorgeous Log Cakes are still the mainstay! Not to forget, the all-time favourite Gingerbread Wreath Cookies, lovingly piped individually by our Christmas elves!

Christmas Cookies

Gingerbread Man Cookies - Our best-selling gingerbread man, lovingly piped by hand by our Christmas elves! Individually packed and ribboned.

Gingerbread Snowflakes Cookies - Our best-selling gingerbread snowflake, lovingly piped by hand by our Christmas elves! Individually packed and ribboned.

 Gingerbread Wreath Cookies - It’s crisp and buttery with just the right amount of spice. These cookies have been lovingly piped individually by hand into some wonderful designs.

Coconut Gula Melaka Cookies - (sweet nectar from the sap of palm flowers) are two universally loved ingredients in South-east Asian cuisine. One cookie is never enough!

Classic Sugee Cookies - Made with clarified butter and semolina with a gorgeous buttery aroma and an amazing crunch! You'll be popping these in!

Chocolate Almond Shortbread - Dark cocoa and almonds together make these shortbread cookies one of our top-selling products. Crisp and just perfect. Glass of milk optional! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies - we love our cookies crisp and buttery and this cookie fits the bill to a T. Dark chocolate bits, lovely crisp brown sugar dough and crunchy walnuts.

Cheddar Caraway Cigars - A scrumptious savoury biscuit with the terrific saltiness of cheddar cheese combined with aromatic caraway seeds, otherwise known as Persian Cumin, to add warmth, sweetness and pizzazz. Let's nibble!

Matcha Butter Cookies (V) - From European lactic butter to the most premium Japanese matcha we could get our hands on, these little morsels are all you could ask for and more in a traditional butter cookie.

Mexican Wedding Cookies - Crunchy, crushed pecans, we love how toffee-like pecans get when they get roasted. 

Pecan Demerera Cookies - Pecans enrobed in an all-butter shortbread gets rolled in raw demerara sugar making them extra crispy after baking! 

Almond & Fennel Biscotti - These twice-baked Italian biscuits are so fragrant with the addition of fennel, a sweet spice that goes so well with nuts and coffee!

Spiced Seeds & Nuts - A crunchy and slightly spicy mix of seeds and nuts. Wonderful for snacking and great to the top over your salads for some kick and pizzaz! Made with extra virgin olive oil.

ATD Houseblend Granola - Handmade fresh in our premises since 2013, All Things Delicious’ houseblend granola is packed with good things such as whole grain oats, seeds, nuts, coconuts, and raisins. 

Mixed Nuts Praline - Walnuts and pecans are toasted and covered in a crisp toffee praline and sea salt.

Christmas Gift Ideas

The end of the year is always a good time to give. So this year we have created a Sweet & Special Gift Collection for you, with a whole range of delicious gift suggestions for every budget. Make sure you order in time, so we can ensure every handmade gift can get the attention from our chefs it needs to delight your friends, family, neighbours, or business relations 

Gift Basket (Regular) - A lovely natural wicker basket filled with little cakes, organic tea, two jars of cookies and a Gingerbread cookies!

Gift Basket (Large) - This natural wicker basket is filled with all the good things such as little cakes, organic tea, two jars of cookies, Christmas snack packs and of course, a Gingerbread cookie!

Jolly Gift Box - All Things Delicious’ festive Christmas snack packs are back! Our Christmas Snack Packs are packed in our beautiful gift box complete with Christmas ornaments, a perfect gift box that has one of everything!

Christmas Wonderland Gift Box - Celebrate this holly and jolly Christmas with a dose of All Things Delicious! This gift box features All Things Delicious’ signature cookies, snack pack and either our little cake or a box of organic and fairtrade tea in a lovely ATD gift box. A gift box full of wonderful treats!

Snowman's Gift Box - Containing All Things Delicious’ signature cookies, a Little Cake, or a Snack Pack, all in one lovely ATD gift box. These would make a sweet gift to your loved ones, or that colleague who’s been helping you ease into the new office.

Holly Gift Box - Send a lovely All Things Delicious gift box to someone you care about this joyful Christmas! Our gift box contains 6 mini jars of cookies that are made with tender loving care by Santa’s helpers in the ATD kitchen!

Santa's Care Pack - Introducing All Things Delicious’ Santa’s Care Pack, perfect for this wonderfully jolly season! A delicious mix of All Things Delicious’ favourite items in one care pack, perfect for a small scale Christmas gathering or to send it over to your loved ones to remind them how much you’ve missed them!

Head Elf's Care Pack - Pick up an All Things Delicious Care Pack for yourself (#selflove, baby!) or send it to the person you have been wanting to catch up with for a long time this Christmas! A wonderful mix of All Things Delicious’ favourite items in one care pack, perfect as a gift for your next get-together Christmas party.

Rudolf's Care Pack - For your sweet-toothed loved ones and pals, this All Things Delicious’ best-selling care pack will remind them of the Christmas parties you’ve had together before, and to take a break from their busy lives. Consists of a Little Cake, a Mini Jar of Cookies and a Cookie Gift Pack, this All Things Delicious Care Pack will make anyone's day!

Christmas Brownie Care Pack - Send an All Things Delicious Care Pack to yourself (#selflove, baby!) as a reward or brighten up someone else’s Christmas! This is the ultimate care pack for chocolate lovers featuring an assortment of All Things Delicious’ best-selling Brownies, filled with chocolatey goodness! There are so many desserts out there but nothing quite like these BROWNIES!

Christmas Braided Brioche Wreath - Our handmade brioche is filled with dark chocolate chip, luscious custard and raspberry compote for a beautiful Christmas breakfast or snack. You can even cut pieces up and dip them in your chocolate fondue!

Order Christmas Specials from All Things Delicious Now!

You could be sourcing for sweet Christmas treats  for a corporate giveaways or organising a delicious meal for a get-together  with family and loved ones. Check out All Things Delicious seasonal Christmas menu. Our roast are trussed and terrific, ready to make you the host(ess) with the mostest! Our cookies will put you in the mood for merriment right away. Order online with ease and let us take care of all your sweet and savoury needs for the year-end festivities. Order TODAY!