Our Story


Mel always wanted to have her cake and cafe too. She just never thought they would be born out of a recession. Click here to read the poem she wrote on the night when she'd finally decided to open her own shop.

To start with, it wasn’t much. She baked everything herself - out of her little kitchen with a basic Philips handheld mixer (courtesy of mum). No fancy gadgets, no KitchenAid, just a lot of elbow grease. She didn't get a proper tabletop mixer until months later.

Mel’s customers are her biggest fans. You could say, she won hearts one cake at a time.

♡ Tip: Having a top-notch photographer husband helps too.

Mel’s first shop at Crawford Lane was a sweet spot until more and more people turned up. A new home at the swingingly hip Arab Street couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

A bustling cafe by day. In the evening, the place transforms into an inviting destination for some culinary magic.