Enhanced Food Safety at All Things Delicious

Food safety is always a top priority at All Things Delicious, every day of the year, at every step of our food chain: from supplier to your plate.

In response to the recent developments related to COVID-19 (also know as the new coronavirus), we have reviewed our procedures and implemented a few extra measures. This ensures maximum safety for every dish we serve in our restaurant and every order we deliver to your home or office.

Of course, our kitchens and storage areas are sanitised non-stop.
But in line with WHO guidelines we now also sanitise doorknobs, glass doors, taps and other frequently touched surfaces on an hourly base.

All our food handlers are registered with and certified by the Singapore Food Authority. They have successfully passed exams for the WSQ regulated Food Hygiene Course and mandatory refresher courses.

We check the body temperature of all staff at the start of their shift.
And to ensure the safe delivery of all your orders, we now also check the temperature of every courier who comes to pick up an order.
Note that all orders are always transported directly from our premises to their final destination: your home or office.

We believe that containing the COVID-19 virus is a joint effort between you, our customers, and us. If you are feeling unwell with fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please seek professional medical advice, stay home and avoid activities that bring you in close contact with others. You can always reach out our team to discuss safe food deliveries in such cases.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestion or question related to food safety.

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