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Our delivery fees;

• for orders below $60 is $19.90 per location
• for orders $60-$250 is $14.90 per location
• for orders above $250 it's free Shipping

Additional fees will be chargeable for deliveries to areas such as Tuas, Sentosa, Jurong Island, etc. These delivery fees are applicable for online orders ONLY. For manual processing of orders, please email us or check with our sales team.

Kindly note that each delivery carries a certain amount of risk, and we're not responsible for them. We appreciate it if you self collect as much as possible.

For online orders placed via our webstore, you qualify for free delivery (2 hour time band) with a minimum spend of $250. For offline orders made with our sales team, you will qualify for free delivery for orders starting from $1,000.

9am-11am is the earliest delivery slot.

There are five delivery time slots available and the earliest time slot for deliveries is 9am to 11pm and the latest time slot is 5pm to 7pm. Some locations may incur an additional surcharge.

That time slot has been filled up with orders. Please choose the next time slot available.

Also note that for some seasonal specials the delivery and pickup dates are restricted. In case such seasonal special has been added to the cart, these date restrictions will have an impact on the check out calendar for the entire cart.

See our Location here.

Self-collection is at our flagship store at 34 Arab Street #01-01 Singapore 199733
Operating days: Monday to Sunday (except for last Monday every month)
Operating hours: 9am to 7pm

You will receive an email notification once your order is ready for pickup or on its way. These are auto-generated emails that may end up in the junk mail folder. Alternatively, you may call us at 6291 4252 to follow up on the status of your order.

Do note that our drivers pick up several deliveries from us at the same time for every delivery time slot. Deliveries may be subject to delays due to traffic conditions, etc. We work with third-party delivery vendors who may have other deliveries to fulfil as well. Hence we provide a reasonable two-hour delivery window for our customers to pick.

If you require a specific delivery time, we can do this within a half an hour time slot. The delivery fee for this specific delivery time is $35, even if you spend more than $250. A specific driver will be engaged for this delivery, hence the higher delivery cost. Eg: if you need your items to reach you by 10:30am, the driver will ensure to reach you between 10am-10:30am.

To do this, please type in the Notes section of your request for a specific delivery time before checking out. Our team will be in touch with you to invoice you the additional delivery fee. We thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to have your order delivered before 9am or if you want to collect your order from our store before 9am, there’s a minimum order of $300 needed and your order will be subject to an early morning surcharge of $80 or more (depending on the size of order and the time order is needed). This surcharge is separate from delivery fees. Please email us should you require this service.

Should no one answer the door at the time of delivery, our delivery man will call or text you. If you are unable to receive the cake yourself, please arrange for someone to receive it. Our drivers are not able to wait for longer than 5 minutes.

In the event that nobody is there to receive the items, our driver will leave the items outside the premises, such as on a door handle or a cabinet. We are not responsible for the condition of the items after delivery.

Please email us and type in your order number. Our order number looks like this: WS-XXXX. We are not be able to make changes if we receive very short notice, i.e. less than 3 working days. You may also call us at 6980 3277 and please quote your order number WS-XXXX.

No, we are unable to re-deliver. Our third party drivers work according to route and schedule that has been fixed a day prior. Going off route will result in delaying other orders.
If nobody is there to accept the items, please note that our driver will leave the items at the doorstep or at the reception area. We are not responsible for the condition of the items after delivery. It is sender's responsibility to ensure that address is correct and that someone is there to receive the items during delivery time.

Please note: Some condominiums do not let delivery drivers go to the doorstep should there be no answer. Some condominiums also do not accept any delivery items in the security or reception area. In such cases where the recipient of the items did not response to calls or text messages, the delivery items will be DISCARDED. Our drivers can only wait at the location for no longer than 5 minutes.

Upon receiving the cake, it is the person receiving the cake's responsibility to make sure that the cake's specifications (including knives, candles, decorations) are correct and in good condition before our delivery staff leaves the premises. In case of subsequent disputes over damaged cake or incorrect cake design, these will not be entertained if not addressed to the driver at the time of delivery. We will not be responsible for any damage that occurs after the delivery has been completed.

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