Home Decoration Ideas for a Warm and Cosy Christmas Holiday

Though we do not get to experience the snowy season in Singapore, the weather on our tropical island tends to cool down during the December period, with more frequent rains and wind. Therefore, some families might prefer to stay indoors to embrace the warm and cosy atmosphere. Here’s a few ways you can decorate your home for a warm and cosy Christmas holiday.

1. A grand welcome

Be it whether it’s a mistletoe placed on your gate frame or even a string of Christmas LED light decorations hung around the entrance, it will immediately put you in the Christmas mood before you even step into your house.

Photo by: Maria Sbytova

2. Holiday themed cushions, carpets and blankets!

These are your best companions when snuggling up on the couch to watch your favourite holiday movie or if you’re just sitting back, relaxing to some holiday tunes while munching on All Things Delicious’ Mini Santa Hat Cheesecakes 😉

Photo by: Getty Images

3. Put on a movie!

Speaking of movies, there's a vast selection of Christmas films that can light up your TV screen for the enjoyment of family, friends, and guests. From animated movies like 'The Polar Express' (2004), guaranteed to enchant the younger audience, to romantic comedies such as 'Love Actually' (2003) that offer couples moments to both laugh and cry at. And, of course, for the aficionados of action-packed thrills, there's 'Die Hard' (1988). While not conventionally a Christmas movie, its story line unfolds against the festive backdrop, ensuring an edge-of-the-sofa experience for those who love a dose of action.

Photo by: Africa Images

4. Warm lights

For a cosy ambiance throughout your home, consider opting for warm and golden lighting in key areas such as the dining space, balcony, and living room. While traditional fireplaces may not be common in Singaporean households, you can recreate a similar warm glow by placing LED candles inside lanterns strategically positioned around your house. Crank up the air conditioner, and you'll instantly feel transported to a winter wonderland, experiencing the magic of Christmas in the comfort of your home.

Photo by: Yuganov Konstantin

5. Scented candles and music

Scented candles and holiday music! Just imagine fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla or pine permeating through the air, Christmas songs playing faintly in the background while you and your family are busy making up your own gingerbread houses from All Things Delicious’ Gingerbread House Kit.

Photo by: Giu

6. Christmas Tree

To complete the festive scene, consider the Christmas tree as the cherry on top of the cake in your holiday decor. It's the essential touch that transforms your home into a Christmas haven. With a Christmas tree standing tall, Santa himself would immediately feel right at home as your honoured guest. 😊

Photo by: Craig Adderley