Top 5 Gifts Ideas That Are Special and Easy To Get This Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and we can imagine everyone scratching their heads trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Gift finding can be an overwhelming experience with all the added year-end chaos going on around you. Here’s a list of gift ideas that are special and easily available for you to grab for your family, loved ones, team and associates, neighbours and more!

Gift Hampers

 Christmas Gifts - hampers

Yes, we said it! Gift hampers or gift baskets are easily available almost everywhere. Name it, hotels, supermarkets, specialty food stores, local florists and bakeries! They come in all budget ranges, making it extremely practical for anyone to purchase - many gift baskets are meant to satisfy the whole family!

Very often, you can get gift baskets that can cater especially to your intended receiver. Know someone who cannot live without coffee? Get a gift hamper from a specialty coffee shop with fresh-roasted coffee beans and some fancy tools fit for a coffee connoisseur.

Hamper baskets are also great for gifting hosts who have invited you over for a meal at their place. The act of choosing a gift hamper that you know is just perfect for the hosts is bound to give you good vibes all around! Imagine the look of joy on their faces when you arrive at the door bearing a basket full of goodies! Gift baskets definitely have that WOW factor.

Don’t know what your receiver would like? That’s easy - you can never go wrong with sweet little treats like cookies, chocolates (make sure they are stable and won’t melt so easily during transport), little cakes, gingerbread and other festive goodies!

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Turkey Dinner Table

Who doesn’t love good food? Over here at All Things Delicious, #WeLoveWeDoWeEat! Christmas time is all about feasting and merriment, reconnecting and a time of reminiscence. And it is just lovely to do all this over a grand meal at the dinner table.


Cooking up a storm may not sound so attractive to you, what with the prospect of a messy kitchen, of frazzled nerves having to cook for a group, and just the whole planning thing! But serving up a delicious Christmas menu without breaking up a sweat has never been easier!

Let the experts do it for you - there are chefs, bakers and magicians out there who can roast a beautiful turkey for you, complete with vegetables, gravy and side dishes. There are bakers who can make festive breads, Christmas log cakes and gingerbread cookies for you. This Christmas, you may want to GIFT YOURSELF (#selflove, baby!) and order in instead, because you deserve it! Let’s say goodbye to a tough 2021 and say cheers to air travel in 2022!

A Well Thought-Out Care Pack

Care Packs, the true art of giving

What is a care pack you ask? A care pack is a little box or a little package containing nice, little things. Care packs will never fail to bring a smile to the receiver’s face because care packs are often unexpected. They are not necessarily gift-wrapped in fancy paper, but what’s inside these, often brown, paper packages tied up with string (Julie Andrews would definitely approve) truly reflect the “care” part of the care pack. You can gift someone a care pack at any time of the year and it can be so easy to put one together. If you know someone who is going through a rough patch, a care pack containing a few sweet treats, a great book, Aesop hand creams, or a box of calming tea can definitely cheer someone up!

Care Packs for Christmas are especially great for bonding and to show appreciation to your employees, your department and your colleagues. Being in this pandemic era for more than a year, and working and adapting to ever-changing rules and regulations can definitely take a toll to one’s working life and mental health. The team can get together for some year-end festivities, to talk about the past year - the highs and the lows and to simply re-connect with each other. Mind you, the get-together is still going to be over Zoom! But by now, we know that Zoom cannot stop us from celebrating, or even eating together.

Today, you can organise perfectly timed and delivered care packs to each and everyone of your colleagues prior to “meeting” on Zoom to enjoy the care packs together, debrief for the year and share your hopes and dreams for next year!

Gift Cards

Gift cards are fun

What’s even more amazing than receiving gifts? Why gift cards of course! And what’s even better than gift cards? E-GIFT CARDS!!!! Not only are e-gift cards a breeze to shop for and deliver (straight to their inbox!), you can get an e-gift card from just about every brand out there. And delivery is often IMMEDIATE, so if you forgot to buy a gift and you need one urgently, and you know it can be hard to find last-minute gifts, then e-gift cards are perfect! You’re welcome!

Know someone who loves chocolate, get an e-gift card from a chocolate brand. A couple just had a new baby, get an e-gift card from a baby store! Know someone who loves yoga? Get him/her that yoga package with the help of an e-gift card! The thing with gift cards is that the receiver gets to choose the gift that he or she likes - you’re just the conduit! In our books, that’s a WIN-WIN-WIN!

And sometimes you just don’t want to be outside and be around throngs of other people doing their Christmas shopping do you? I mean there’s a pandemic going on here. Or at other times, you just don’t want to go out and we TOTALLY get it!

To get an e-gift card, you don’t even have to get out of your pyjamas! All you need is a charged up smartphone or laptop, your credit card (along with a budget in mind of course), a taken-for-granted good WIFI connection, a cup of coffee, a list of names of people you're gifting (pro tip: get their valid and correct email addresses on standby too) and BOOM! All gift shopping is done within the span of an episode or two of Squid Game! Just don’t watch it while you’re online shopping for gift cards, then you will never get any shopping done!


Subscriptions Like Netflix for Xmas

Traditionally, during the Christmas season, the cinemas will be overflowing with romcoms and family-oriented movies. And thanks to Covid-19, many of these newly released Christmas movies have been moved to be aired on online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus.

To receive such a subscription would be amazing!

And what is stopping you from gifting other types of subscriptions? With online learning being the way to go, gifting courses from a mind-boggling variety of subjects ranging from pickle-making to copywriting to crocheting, to Italian cooking, can bring a lot of fun and value to your recipient! And you can gift online courses that are conducted by internationally-renowned, world-class instructors too! This gift idea is specially great if you know that the receiver is someone who is a learner and who would benefit from and enjoy such courses.

Therefore, surprise them the next time they open their inbox, with a year-long subscription to enjoy all binge-worthy series or give them the gift of learning something new online.

And those are the top 5 gifts that are special and easy to get for your family and friends this Christmas! We hope you found this post helpful in your gift hunt.

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