Top 4 Ways to Celebrate Teacher's Day

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A teacher is a friend, philosopher, and leader who holds our hand, opens our mind, and touches our heart. The contribution of a teacher cannot be ignored at all. Being a teacher is the most influential job in the world. They impart good values in children, turn them into responsible citizens and a better member of society. We all have had that teacher. The one that inspired us. The one that encouraged us to never stop asking questions. The one that helped us get where we are today. The one that made learning fun and enjoyable.

Once a year, on teacher’s day, let’s celebrate our teachers! Here are 4 ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day.

1. Decorate the classroom

This definitely goes without saying. It's time to get creative! This might be the most cliche idea but it's also the sweetest way to make your teachers feel special. To get things started, choose a theme. For example, it can be something related to nature or your teachers’ interests. Try embellishing your classrooms with streamers, balloons, ribbons and any other decor that you can think of. Grab some markers of different colours and write a short and sincere message on the board and get everyone to sign or scribble. Don’t forget the door too because it is the first thing that teachers notice. Not only do you get to do something meaningful for your teachers but you get to bond with your classmates too!

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2. Make a short video

Gather all your classmates to give their wishes by filming a short video. You may start by giving an introduction of yourself followed by a short message for your form teacher such as how he/she has made a difference in your life or share a funny story. You can also add in pictures and footage of the past memories with your teachers. Once your teachers have stepped into the classroom, someone can give an opening speech and start playing the video for the whole class to watch. Standby tissue for the teacher here.

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3. Lunch Party

If you are seeking an innovative way to say thanks during Teacher’s Day, hosting a lunch party is always a good idea. Food has always been a big part of bringing people together to bond and forge meaningful relationships and conversations. Nothing tells teachers you value their dedication like an afternoon spent enjoying a pleasant, and thoughtful meal with their students. Everyone can contribute by bringing something from home like a tin of cookies or a container of sandwiches. Or everyone can pitch in and order from the nearest fast food joint or even All Things Delicious, a halal-certified bakery-cafe for their Cookie Gift Packs and other teacher’s day specials here. Organising such a party will enable everyone to have fun and create fond memories.

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4. Playing Games

A celebration wouldn’t be complete without games! There are countless games to play, you can even come out with your own games and rules. Get your teachers excited by entertaining them with some games after recess. I’m sure everyone knows this game. Charades is a popular game to play in a big group setting. Even though you may feel shy to act in front of everyone, once you realise waving your hands around with crazed facial expressions is all part of the fun, you won't be able to resist playing! This will certainly bring so much laughter and joy!

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Our suggestions of ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day will surely give you some ideas on what you can do to bring a smile to your teachers’ faces! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for fun updates and moments! Do tag us on social media if you’ve gotten inspiration from us! :)

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