10 Must-Have Gifts for Teachers

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Who has a favourite teacher or two? 🙌 Think of why they are your favourite teachers. They may have been firm but they had taught you a thing or two about self-discipline and hard work. They may be tough (here’s looking at you Mr W!), but you know that in many ways, it’s because of the Mr Ws out there, that you turned out to be this persevering and determined version of yourself. Teachers. Not only do they mentor students academically but they also help to shape our outlook and our futures with hopes for a bright one for each and every student.

This is why it is so important to show them our heartfelt gratitude with something thoughtful.

It can be tricky to find the perfect Teacher’s Day gift. Try finding out what their hobbies are, what they enjoy doing during their free time and their other interests. Here is a list of 10 gifts to get your teacher, especially if you are clueless!?

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are the perfect gift because they are pretty much fail-safe. Many scents are suitable for both genders, they can be used all-year round and are especially great for teachers to wind down with at home after a day of teaching. Not gonna lie, but many scented candles out there are so pretty and come in nice boxes and aesthetic glassware! Get the right scent and it can provide teachers with a soothing and relaxing effect! Science literally backs this up1! If you have the budget, you can also choose to customise the candle to make it more personal. Sifr Candles at 42 Arab Street is one place you can do this. They can be contacted at 6392 1966. Perhaps, you can also throw in a handwritten note to make your teacher melt, pun fully intended!

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2. Tote Bag

It may seem like your teacher already has everything, leaving you stumped on what to give. Enter the TOTE BAG! Everyone loves tote bags 'cuz they are so cool! And for the teacher, they are practical and many are roomy enough for them to fit all stationeries and stacks of worksheets that are just waiting to be marked. Hey, teachers have homework too!

Stronger tote bags include ones made out of jute. All Things Delicious has a beautiful jute bag that you can order along with perhaps a boxful of scones and there you have it, perfect gift for ‘Cher! What’s even better is that you can order this for delivery on the same-day or the next day.

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3. Back Support for chair

This gift might turn you into all-time favourite student or Student of the Year! You may thank us later! According to research2, low back pain is the most common musculoskeletal disorder among teachers. This is due to the lack of support for the spine. A back support for chairs will be able to alleviate the ache and improve bad posture. Such devices aid in the relaxation of lower back tendons and muscles to minimise the soreness caused by prolonged sitting. In the meantime, improve your handwriting please, so that the teacher will spend less time sitting and trying to figure out what you are writing!

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4. Collapsible Mugs

If your teacher is someone who is very passionate about sustainability and makes environmentally friendly decisions, collapsible mugs are a great and affordable idea. Choose those that are made from recyclable materials only. Since it is foldable, it will take less space in the teacher's already-full tote bag! And get this: the teacher will think of you, everytime they drink from this cup! Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?🤔

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5. Sweet Treats

Everyone loves sweet treats and teachers are no exception… especially chocolate-flavoured goodies, you know, to get the endorphins rolling! If your baking skills are not up to par yet, fret not! This Teacher’s Day, All Things Delicious have rolled out their limited-edition, chewy cookies and flavours include White Chocolate Pistachio, Speculoos Butterscotch and Double Chocolate Sea Salt Cookie. Urrgghhh get me one or three already! Other options like their signature scones, muffins or gift boxes and care packs are also available for gifting here. Hurry, get your orders in early to avoid disappointment!

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6. Handwritten Card

Among all these gifts, nothing can ever replace a heartfelt thank you card and the sincerity behind it. This is a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude for your teachers. They hold so much more meaning and the teacher can keep the card for as long as he/she wants. Your card might bring tears or laughter to the teacher because they know you and they will be touched to know that you took the effort to craft out a genuine, handwritten message. And let’s not forget, this gift is very budget-friendly too!

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7. Desk Organiser

This gift is great for someone who is highly organised and loves to keep their school supplies neat. Teachers usually have countless assignments to grade and paperwork to sort out which explains why their work desks may require some joy sparking? Get them a simple desk organiser to start with, something practical and that looks good too. Pro tip: The clear, acrylic ones will go with just about anything and are affordable too.

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8. Wireless Presenter Pointer

This handy, dependable and no-frills device enables teachers to present their slides at any part of the classroom. Whether they are presenting a Powerpoint lesson to their students or conducting a staff meeting, there’s nothing more tiring than having to return to your physical computer to click on the slides. But with this device, they won't have to walk back and forth during a lesson. You will definitely score some brownie points for this gift!

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9. Gift Cards

Teachers will always appreciate gift cards because they will have the freedom to purchase whatever they want. If you are unsure of your teacher’s likes and dislikes, this would be the safest bet. This is also the best solution if you are doing some last minute gift shopping… instead of rushing into a bad purchase and fearing that your teacher wouldn’t like the gift, a gift card is a no-brainer! It doesn’t have to be from some fancy place, but it could be a bubble tea / fro-yo gift card, or a stationery shop gift card or even a bakery gift card and something that a teacher can easily use online.

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10. Mask Chains

Mask chains have become one of the hottest accessories and they have the ability to jazz up one's outfit. These chains come in so many different styles, from chunky, over-the-top plastic links to very dainty ones that look more like jewellery. They are usually made with different materials such as beads, gemstones, striking charms and many more. They provide a functional way to hang their masks while they are out for a meal. If you are the DIY type, make one for the teacher. Otherwise, mask chains are as easily available as masks these days so you are bound to find something nice for a teacher in the mall or online.

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Showing appreciation for your teachers is essential, especially when they nurture and do so much for us. Brighten their day with a gift as it will certainly make them happy and feel appreciated. Ultimately, it is the thought that counts. It doesn't have to be something that would break the bank. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for fun updates and moments!

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