Cempedak Loaf

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About Cempedak Loaf

The Cempedak Loaf is hands down, the most fragrant cake ever! That is of course if strong-smelling, tropical fruit is your thing! It is definitely our thing!

Fresh Cempedak flesh gets chopped up and folded into our butter cake mixture and then the bigger Cempedak pieces get added on top and TA-DA! A moist tropical loaf!



This cake is made in a facility that handles dairy, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy and tree nuts.


The Cempedak Loaf is best served at room temperature. This cake keeps fresh for up to 2 days in the fridge. Always store the cake in air-tight containers or well cling-wrapped to protect from drying out.

All Things Delicious serves halal-certified cookies, including eggless cookies and vegetarian cookies, cult-status scones, birthday cakes, classic cakes and wholesome food at their restaurant and bakery at 34 Arab Street.

We make hand-crafted cookies and bake them fresh to order with pride containing only the best ingredients without any artificial colouring or artificial flavouring. We use European lactic butter, unrefined sugar and cage-free eggs.


This sizing guide page is exactly what you need if you’re looking at having a celebration cake, tea-time treats, dinner for an event, gathering, wedding and many more! While the cake flavour and design are important components of a cake, one of the most important aspects of a cake is its size. The chart below is based on baking and serving recommendations from All Things Delicious, all sizes and suggestions are approximate, results may vary.

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Cempedak Loaf
Cempedak Loaf
Cempedak Loaf
Cempedak Loaf
Cempedak Loaf

We absolutely love anything tropical, sweet and pungent! The cempedak is another fruit that, besides the King of Fruits (durian), falls under this exotic category. But unlike the durian, the cempedak bakes beautifully. This fruit has a fragrance that is intoxicating and unmistakable, and according to cempedak fans, it’s fragrance is just breath-taking!

The chefs in All Things Delicious mixed in chopped up cempedak pieces into our classic butter cake batter and the baking process elevates its fragrance even more! More cempedak pieces on top too, because we all cannot seem to get enough! Slices of this loaf cake consistently sells out in our flagship store in Arab Street.

Size: Approximately 10.5” x 3.5”

Allergens: Dairy, Gluten, Egg
May contain traces of other allergens.

Shelf Life: 3 Days. Best eaten on the day of purchase.

Storage Conditions: Must be kept refrigerated. Best served warmed for 10-20s in microwave or at room temperature.

Serving: Feeds approximately 8-10 persons

This menu item needs to be ordered at least 3 days in advance

Want to know more about our cakes and what customisations we offer? Find the answers here!

What’s the weight of your cakes?

Our cakes are based on size. Different cakes weigh differently even if they are the same size.

What cake sizes are available?

Most of our cakes come in 5”, 7”, 8” and 9” sizes. You may choose the size you prefer on each product page. We do customized two or multi-tier cakes too. Please email us for assistance.

Can you make a square cake, instead of a round one?

We may be able to make some round cakes into squares for an additional fee. Please email us for assistance.

Can you pipe a message on the cake?

Yes, we can upon request. All piping is limited to 20 letters/characters. When ordering online, you can specify the piping text on the product page, before CHECKOUT.

Can you provide candles with the cake?

Yes, we can upon request. When ordering online, you can specify the candles required on the product page, before CHECKOUT.

Can you provide a cake knife with the cake?

Yes, we can upon request. When ordering online, you can specify the cake knife required on the product page, before CHECKOUT.

Do you have cake toppers?

Yes you may opt to buy a cake topper here.

Can you reduce the sweetness of your cakes?

All our cakes are generally made less sweet and have a balanced taste. We are unable to customise our recipes.

Do you cater to special dietary requirements?

We do not cater to any specific diets. All our cakes contain dairy, eggs and unrefined sugar. We do not use any artificial colours or flavours in our products. At the moment we offer two gluten-free cakes, the Dark Chocolate Torte and Flourless Chocolate with Hazelnut Creme. Both cakes are made without any flour, wheat or otherwise.

Do you make fondant cakes?

No, we do not work with fondant.

Can you make character cakes or themed cakes?

No, as such cakes usually require artificial colours and use of fondant, both of which we do not offer.

Do you do wedding cakes?

Definitely and we love weddings! Click here for more information.

Do you provide cake tasting sessions?

We do not provide cake tasting. Do order your desired cake slices via our website or simply visit our flagship store to try out our delicious treats!

Can I customise the design of my cake?

Limited customisation is possible on our existing designs for an additional fee. During peak seasons such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Christmas, we are unable to do any design customisation on our cakes. Please email us for assistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rajendran Vijayanaman
Delicious and yet elegant

The love the proportion of fruit to cake and the texture is very nice. Almost like a sugee cake sort of denseness that pairs well with tea n coffee.

Pretty and tasty

Cake looks good and tasted good. If you like cempedak, you will like this cake. Will buy again.

noraini kassim
Cempedak Loaf gives me the high!

I have always liked cempedak. The first time i tried ATD's cempedak loaf, i was in heaven. Now i don't have to look elsewhere for cempedak cake or kuih. What makes it special because cempedak is seasonal, so without fail, i check ATD's menu often for the cempedak loaf. Simply delicious! To those whom i have introduced the cempedak loaf , they simply said hands down it is soooo sedap!

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