All Things Delicious is ready to serve you this Ramadan Festive Season in Singapore

Celebrate Ramadan with our exquisite collection specially curated for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Ramadan & Iftar Essentials

The Ramadan season always motivates our chefs to go one step further in serving you the very best All Things Delicious has to offer. To create your own Iftar-To-Go Mini Buffet, start with some of the suggestions below and add on from our extensive catering and bakery menus until it completely fulfils the needs of your Ramadan Party. Here are some of the highlights from our Ramadan & Iftar Essentials.

ATD Houseblend Granola - Ramadan Edition - The Ramadan Edition of All Things Delicious' Houseblend Granola is back! Made with all the good things such as whole grain oats, seeds, nuts, coconuts and raisins. The Ramadan version comes power-packed with the addition of dates. A slow release of energy that is full of nourishment. And it’s delicious too! Grab a pack, or three!
Iftar Mini Buffet - Our Chef-To-Go is back with this mouth-watering Mini Buffet just for this coming Ramadan! What a delicious option to treat your guests with a mouthwatering mini buffet, without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
Mezze Platter - A colourful sharing platter is great for any party! With a selection of antipasto vegetables, marinated feta cheese, muhammara dip, hummus dip, kalamata olives, and a juicy protein. Yum! Comes with handmade flatbread.
Harissa Roast Organic Kampung Chicken with Sausage Filling - This roast is made using certified organic kampung chicken, raised in a stress-free and climate-controlled environment and free from hormones or antibiotics. The chickens are slow-grown for well over 70 days and fed with a special diet which includes enzymes from pineapples, making them healthier and have a sweeter and more succulent flesh! Our chefs marinate them in a special, house-made harissa seasoning for a spicy and smokey flavour! This roast chicken will be a hit for you and your family!

Mini Sub Sandwiches (Box of 10)  - A crowd-pleasing, party favourite: here’s All Things Delicious’ mini sub sandwiches! Chomp these down in 2-3 bites and then go ahead and have some more - they are that good! Choose from either Chicken Tikka, made of 12-hour marinated chicken with sriracha mayo, cucumbers and pickled shallots. Or choose the all-time favourite, Roast Beef with dijonnaise and caramelised onions. Great for office parties or have them at home when you have guests over.

Mini Fruit Tarts - Eid Edition (Box of 12)  - Here are some limited edition flavours of All Things Delicious’ best-selling fruit tarts, specially for Ramadan and Raya 2023! Lemon Meringue Tarts are made with luscious lemon curd, made in-house by our talented chefs and topped with a glossy torched meringue! Just beautiful! Banoffee Tarts are made with a combination of fresh bananas and toffee sauce, hence banoffee! Topped with fresh chantilly cream and grated couverture chocolate! Ooh lala!

Petite Bundt Cakes - Eid Edition (Box of 2 & Box of 9)  - These mini bundts are as cute as they are delicious! Introducing two fantastic flavours, Chocolate Banana and Pandan Kaya! As with all ATD products, no artificial colours or flavours are used so you get real flavours and real colours! Enjoy!


Ramadan Gifts

This festive season is always a good time to give. So this year we have created a Ramadan Gift Selections for you, with a whole range of delicious gift suggestions for every budget. Make sure you order in time, so we can ensure every handmade gift can get the attention from our chefs it needs to delight your friends, family, neighbours, or business relations 

Ramadan Starter Pack - Contains assorted dates gift box, granola, cookie jar, oat milk, coconut candy gift pack, and hari raya jute bag.

Assorted Dates Gift Box - Dates are widely used as a quick source of energy and nutrients after a long day of fasting. They are also one of healthiest natural sweetener. No doubt dates are certainly one of the easiest and most common gifts during Ramadan, especially when they are beautifully packed in a windowed boxed. Consisting 4 types of premium dates in each 1kg box: Ajwa, Safawi, Mabroum and Medjoul.

Signature Ramadan Gift Box - Take Ramadan gifting to the next level by sending our signature Ramadan Gift Box! Embrace this blessed season with All Things Delicious' best-selling cookies, ATD Houseblend Granola, premium Ajwa dates and a Valrhona chocolate bar.

Dawn Eco Bag - All Things Delicious’ eco-friendly eco bag is coming again for this festive season! Made from unbleached cotton, this durable bag contains our delicious cookies, mouth watering coconut candy and premium Ajwa dates.Perfect for gifting to your colleagues, associates, neighbours and loved ones. Customise the choices to your or the recipient’s liking!

Crescent Care Pack Send over specially curated All Things Delicious' Ramadan Care Pack to yourself (#selflove, baby!) or your colleagues, associates, neighbours and loved ones to show how much you care about them this fasting month!

Pineapple Tarts - A labour of love: the pineapple jam and buttery base are made from scratch so that you can oh-so-easily pop these babies into your mouths and enjoy them one after another.

Coconut Gula Melaka Cookies(sweet nectar from the sap of palm flowers) are two universally loved ingredients in South-east Asian cuisine. One cookie is never enough!

Classic Sugee Cookies - Made with clarified butter and semolina with a gorgeous buttery aroma and an amazing crunch! You'll be popping these in!

Chocolate Almond Shortbread - Dark cocoa and almonds together make these shortbread cookies one of our top-selling products. Crisp and just perfect. Glass of milk optional! 

Chocolate Chip Cookieswe love our cookies crisp and buttery and this cookie fits the bill to a T. Dark chocolate bits, lovely crisp brown sugar dough and crunchy walnuts.

Cheddar Caraway CigarsA scrumptious savoury biscuit with the terrific saltiness of cheddar cheese combined with aromatic caraway seeds, otherwise known as Persian Cumin, to add warmth, sweetness and pizzazz. Let's nibble!

Mexican Wedding Cookies (V)Crunchy, crushed pecans, we love how toffee-like pecans get when they get roasted. These babies are so light and so easy to continuously pop into the mouth. Absolutely one of our favourite cookies and we are definitely adding it into our Cookie Hall of Fame!

Matcha Butter Cookies (V)These cookies are made with just a handful of ingredients and boy, do the quality of the ingredients simply shine through! From European lactic butter to the most premium Japanese matcha we could get our hands on, these little morsels are all you could ask for and more in a traditional butter cookie. Perfect with a cup of hot green tea!

Pecan Demerera Cookies - These little round cookies have been your favourite since 2014! Pecans enrobed in an all-butter shortbread gets rolled in raw demerara sugar making them extra crispy after baking! A delightful tea-time treat.

Coconut Candy Gift Pack - Ramadan and Raya is all about spreading happiness. What better way than giving away sweet little treats such as these old school Coconut Burfi, better known in the Singapore/Malaysia context as the Coconut Candy! Made with freshly-squeezed, natural pandan flavours and tropical desiccated coconut, simply YUM!

Chocolate Cornflakes Gift Pack - A classic Hari Raya snack, made with dark couverture chocolate and sprinkled with the tiniest amount of Maldon sea salt to make a HUGE difference. These little ribboned packets make terrific sweet treats for EVERYONE in the office, your neighbours or your loved ones!


Festive Sets

Mubarak SetThe Mubarak Set is a great choice for sharing a meal with the family or with guests for Iftar or for Raya. Contains, roast organic kampung chicken with sausage filling, mini sub sandwiches, raya edition mini fruit tarts and pasta tray.

Aidilfitri Set - The Aidilfitri Set is a great choice for sharing a meal with the family or with guests for Iftar or for Raya. Contains, roast organic kampung chicken with sausage filling, mezze platter, mini sub sandwiches and dessert.

Lebaran Set - The Lebaran Set is a great choice for sharing a meal with the family or with guests for Iftar or for Raya. Contains, roast organic kampung chicken with sausage filling, mini buffet main, mini buffet carb and dessert.

Sahur Set - Your pre-dawn meal is settled with the Sahur Set! Just add fruits and plenty of water! Contains, ATD Houseblend Granola - Ramadan Edition, oatmilk and assorted dates gift box.

Sweet Eid Set - Contains, two little cakes and two jars of cookies.

Sweet Raya Set - The Sweet Raya Set is a great choice for sharing a meal with the family or with guests for Iftar or for Raya. Contains six jars of cookies and ondeh-ondek cake.


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