It is time to celebrate Deepavali or the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS! Let the Pistachio Cardamom Bundt Cake or Saffron Tres Leches Rasmalai Cake brighten your Diwali even more! All Things Delicious’ Care Packs, Gift Boxes and natural wooden Gift Baskets will sweeten your relations with the people who matter. Let the festivities begin!


This Deepavali, the chefs at All Things Delicious has gone all out to create some magical desserts with familiar flavours. Your Diwali will be incomplete without these delicious and beautiful cakes!
Gifts that Shine Bright

Deepavali Gifts

Nothings says Thank You or I Appreciate You more than a gift of sweet treats. Choose from All Things Delicious’ specially curated Deepavali Gift Boxes, Care Packs and beautiful Gift Baskets.

Coconut Candy

Coconut Burfi Gift Pack (V)

Deepavali is all about spreading happiness. What better way than giving away sweet little treats such as these old school Coconut Burfi, better known in the Singapore/Malaysia context as the Coconut Candy!

It is our Founder @imeldawadhwa‘s favourite childhood snack! These tasty white and pink blocks of fudgy, coconut goodness does not contain any artificial flavourings or colours, just pure deliciousness in every bite.

Illuminate Your Festivities

Deepavali Cookies

Savour the magic of Deepavali with our delectable cookies. Celebrate the sweetness of traditional flavours in every bite.


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