Pineapple Tart

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The world premiere  of All Things Delicious’ Pineapple Tarts is here! Wow what an amazing feeling.

We’ve had requests for these since we first opened shop and it has taken me 5 years to muster the courage to make the dough, make the jam and assemble the tarts for all of you. This is my mother’s recipe that we make every year for the home during the festive seasons and I am so happy to finally be able to share them with you. The pineapples were ordered months in advance from our favourite fruit shop and they are grated, squeezed and cooked for hours with some mild spices and organic sugar. The pastry is so buttery and rich which is all the better that we serve this only once (maybe twice, still considering for Hari Raya) a year at All Things Delicious.

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