Top 8 Christmas Gifts to get for Secret Santa

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Can you believe the holiday season is here again? Which means it's time to think about what gifts to get for everyone on your list.

The most wonderful time of the year is round the corner and it is time to pamper your loved and dear ones. Here are some of the best Christmas gifts that will guarantee you to be on the “nice” list.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Who couldn’t use more music and audio in their life? There are a number of reasons why a Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for anyone as it is such a fuss free gift. They are versatile and compact so you may bring them everywhere you go. For fitness enthusiasts, you may use it outdoors or even in wet conditions. Some speakers allow you to connect a few devices together to create a “party chain” which expands the system and creates a louder sound. This is great for Christmas parties as music will be blasted in every room of the house.

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Mini Pocket Projector

There’s nothing quite like watching on a truly huge screen like in the cinemas. Whether you want to watch a football match, a variety show or a movie, a cinema-sized screen provides an experience that’s more exciting and immersive than any television can achieve.

Why limit yourself watching your favourite TV series in one place when you could have a mini handy projector? Since it is possible to shift your big screen action everywhere, means you are more likely to get the most out of your projector all year round. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect Christmas gift that everyone wants to have? There are so many different types of pocket projectors, depending on your needs and budget.

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French Press Coffee Machine

For a coffee fanatic who has restricted counter space and desires to enjoy a full-bodied, smooth cup of joe in a jiffy, a French press is a terrific brewing method. Gifting a french press is wonderful to jump start someone’s mornings.

What makes a French press special? Known for its ease of use and convenience, a French press allows you to have more control over the coffee-brewing experience while also saving you the hassle of cleaning up. This machine is loved by many as they are known to deliver more decadent, bolder flavours.

Whether you are a newbie to French presses or a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, there’s a French press out there for you. From classic French presses with simplicity in mind to machines that can prevent your coffee from getting cold for hours. You will definitely be spoilt for choices!

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Bubble Candles

These candles are the new hot home decor trend that will make an amazing gift as well. I am pretty sure you would have seen or heard of it as they were all over Tik Tok. The reason why they are so popular these days is probably due to how minimalistic they are, yet they give every interior that certain something even if you are an amateur in decorating. These square candles look elegant next to anything and easily transform your home into stylish four walls. Furthermore, bubble candles are timeless. They are especially captivating on the laid Christmas table. But they are also welcome all year long on the dining table.

As the name suggests, they are cubed candles made from what look like tiny bubbles. These gorgeous bubble candles come in various colours. The best part of gifting these candles is, they will not break the bank.

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Purpose-driven Card games

During Christmas, it is when friends and families gather and forge meaningful conversations and memories. Due to the advancement of technology, the standard default mode of communication has become social media. The rise of purpose-driven card games is the perfect way to make people really talk to each other. Opening up to others might seem more scary than summoning a ghost on a Ouijia board but if you play your cards right, these games will surely allow you to know your loved ones better and maybe even discover something new about yourself. These card games would make the best gifts to get so deeper connections and values can be formed this Christmas. Okay, just one spoiler: anyone receiving them as a gift will certainly love ‘em!!!

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Mini Skincare Fridge

What would make a good gift for a skincare junkie that already has it all? A refill of their favourite serum or an exclusive limited-edition set that includes new releases from their favourite brands, I think they would appreciate the surprise of a trendy storage solution that will declutter their vanity table and offer safe-keeping of precious skin care. Yup, you are right, I am referring to mini skin care fridges. These gadgets are something that you never knew you needed. Fun fact: The temperature helps ingredients stay potent and fresher for longer as the cold inhibits the growth of bacteria. Some products require you to store them in a “cool, dark place”, a skincare fridge instantly ticks both boxes. Try this hack: keep your eye creams and sheet masks in the fridge and use it afterwards. You will realise how effective this is in helping to de-puffing, boosting circulation and reducing redness. This little fridge is more than just a trend, it is definitely a lovely gift during Christmas.

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Wireless earphones

No other gift is more suitable than these wireless earphones for people who like to listen to music. Nowadays, people prefer to use wireless earphones as they are more convenient and easy to connect with several devices. Plus, we cannot deny that wireless earphones are especially useful for GYM. People always say YES to hand-free and cord-free. Moreover, it is true that people need personal space. People like to listen to their favourite song and enjoy their personal time. So, wire earphones are an essential thing for almost everyone. Therefore, it is such a useful gift to give your friends and families on this lovely Christmas.

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ATD Christmas Gifts

You must be wondering what to get for that hard-to-get-for-person? We all have that one friend. Simply give them anything from All Things Delicious’s Christmas specials. There’s no better way to show your friends and family just how much they mean to you by giving them ATD’S Christmas edition gift boxes, care packs and gift baskets. Something that comes from the heart is always a safe bet! A grand feast during Christmas is a must! If your cooking skills are mediocre at best, why not order in a delish spread from All Things Delicious.

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We hope that this list of gifts will help you to accomplish your holiday mission. Now, who’s ready for some Christmas shopping?