Top 5 Birthday Celebration Ideas at the Office

Celebrating birthdays never get old! In fact, birthday celebrations make a great excuse to take a short break from work and have some fun time enjoying a slice (or 2?) of cake! Not to mention, employees will be happy when they are appreciated, and it is always a brilliant idea to celebrate birthdays to lighten up the atmosphere too! So here are some great birthday ideas to help you celebrate this fun occasion at work! (While still maintaining social distance, of course).

1. Celebrate Once a Month

As we all know, having a birthday cake every week can get mundane very quickly, so why not consider a monthly celebration instead. This is especially useful for larger organizations. Get a few whole cakes or a variety of sweet treats and celebrate one day of the month with them! A monthly birthday celebration can help you save time and money, while making your employees and colleagues feel appreciated and valued. Like going out for a meal with the department, social group activities like tea break over birthday cake can create wonderful team bonding opportunities but without leaving the office.

2. Sugar? Yes please!

What’s a birthday celebration without a pretty birthday cake? Or anything sweet for that matter! If in doubt, chocolate cakes are a universal choice! If they’re not into cakes, other baked treats such as scones, fruit tarts, bombolinis make great birthday cake alternatives too. Anything that you can poke a few candles into would work just fine.

3. Sharing Platters

You know what brings people together? Food, of course! A fantastic idea for a birthday celebration is to order in, especially with food deliveries being so easy to organise with the click of a few buttons. Sharing food with colleagues can not only help remove barriers but also serve as a great bonding exercise. Order in by asking the birthday person their favourite cuisine and start fostering great conversations too. Sharing is caring, folks!

4. Catering for Allergens and Special Diets

There's nothing worse than ordering something and finding out that it doesn't suit the recipient or some members of the team. To avoid that, always check for dietary requirements before ordering of any food. Whether its allergies, halal, vegetarian, vegan or anything else, check it and get other delicious options if need be for those with special dietary requirements. We certainly do not want anyone feeling left out in an office celebration.

5. Make the Birthday Fun and Personalized

Go crazy! Make that birthday person feel extra special that day! Team up with the rest and find out what they like the most! Our lovely brand ambassador, Michelle is a huge fan of BTS, a South Korean boyband. To celebrate her birthday, the team went the extra mile to get her a block of butter! (Smooth like butter, like a criminal undercover~ #iykyk) You can consider designing a personalized birthday card and get everyone to sign on it too! This creates fun for everyone in the whole workplace and makes the birthday girl or boy feel extra special and appreciated. An extremely fun way to wish them a happy birthday and to bring the team together.

Ready to plan one? Order from us now. From mini cakes, birthday cakes, mouth-watering scones, canapes, sharing platters and more, we have it all. Literally a piece of cake with All Things Delicious! Questions? Email us now at and we’ll respond in 1 to 2 working days.

Note: Before planning any birthday celebrations, make sure to adhere strictly to the rules. These include donning masks unless consuming F&B, maintaining social distance and to follow the maximum capacity for each birthday celebration. If you feel unwell, please be socially responsible, minimise social contact and stay at home.