8 Top Gifts for Housewarming in Singapore

Invited to your first ever housewarming party? If you are struggling with what to give, let us assist you with gift ideas based on whether you are invited alone or with friends! Let us walk you through 8 practical, eye-pleasing and mouth-watering thoughtful gifts that will surely amaze your friends.


Finding the perfect housewarming gift does not need to be challenging. A simple, elegant tableware set might be the perfect choice as they are not only practical but also useful all year round. They are perfect for daily use, versatile since they can be used for various purposes and occasions and no one can ever complain about having too many pieces of dinnerware. We love supporting local businesses and we highly recommend Luzerne, one of Singapore’s most-established homegrown brands which offers not just eye-pleasing dinnerware but flatware, drink, serveware and other collections. Other brands you may consider include Kra Sanctuary that sells artisanal handcrafted ceramic tableware and Crane Living. Check them out!

Photo by Valeria Ushakova from The Valeria Ushakova Collection

Steamboat Grill

Steamboat parties are fun, so if your friends like to host them frequently, they would love having a steamboat pot as a housewarming gift! To enjoy the best of both worlds, consider getting a 2-in-1 steamboat BBQ hot pot set that comes with a grill function and a soup pot. Some steamboat pots come with a handy pull-out container beside the grill that collects excess oil for a less-sinful meal. If you’re looking at one specifically, consider getting Cornell 2-in-1 Steamboat Grill! At less than $80, you will be remembered as the one giving the best and most practical gift for the new homeowners.

Photos by kazoka30 from Getty Images and Republica from Pixabay

Scented Candles

Help a friend and transform their living spaces into an oasis of calm with Sifr Aromatics. Their hand-poured 100% soy wax candles are lovingly made in small batches, efficient to fill entire rooms, allowing your friends and family to unwind quicker. Want to customise a scented candle as a gift instead? Don’t worry, you may submit a request for a custom scent and they will see what they can do for you.

Photos from Sifr Aromatics

Hand Wash

Hand washing has become increasingly important in our modern world so why not buy them bottles of hand wash to keep their hands clean and smell great? We personally love Aesop’s as the packaging is so aesthetic, you won’t need to be worried about whether it fits their home decors! Otherwise, Kirei Kirei and Dettol’s antibacterial hand soap are 2 great and affordable options too. 

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

Vacuum Cleaner

Why not help make housekeeping a breeze by giving them a vacuum cleaner? A cordless vacuum cleaner maximises convenience and efficiency as they will be able to manoeuvre easily under and around furniture without worrying about the cables! We love using shopee to check out the best deal in town and I am happy to share with you that they have a list of 13 best cordless vacuum cleaners for you to review and choose from! We promise your friends will thank you for the powerful and practical housewarming gift.

Photos by RossHelen

Air Fryer

If the new homeowners are health-conscious and appreciate practical housewarming gifts that will improve their diets, they will surely love having a new Air Fryer. The use of Air Fryer not only maximises convenience, but also provides a healthier alternative to deep-frying. Perfect for those who enjoy deep fried food without the unhealthy grease or the hassle of cleaning up!

Photos by grandbrother’s images and Leung Cho Pan

Smart Home Assistants

Another practical housewarming gift we can think of is of course, smart home assistants. It’s something that many never knew they needed. They are extremely easy to use (even for your friends who lack technical knowledge) and will add life to your living room! Google Nest Mini has always been the to-go option which is competent in receiving voice instructions, giving weather updates as well as playing your favourite playlight and toggling the house lights. Don’t worry, this gift is so practical your friends will probably thank you afterwards on how much power they have to control their new smart home.

Photo by BENCE BOROS and Jonas Leupe on Unsplash

Delicious Treats

Moving into a new home can be time consuming for the intended recipients so if you are not into any of the options above, food and snacks both make great housewarming gifts because they are easily shared and you don’t have to match someone’s home decor or style! In fact, the new homeowners may not have the time to prepare and cook so delicious treats will surely be helpful for their housewarming party. Make sure the food caters to all dietary requirements and is delicious. Not sure where to get them? Browse and shop our delicious collection now! If you are stuck at getting the best food or need suggestions about what to order from, speak to us and we will recommend a variety of delicious catering menu options to suit your needs and budget.

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We hope this list of our top gifts for housewarming in Singapore has inspired you a little. So, which items are you thinking of getting for your friends? Remember to tag us on social media if you’ve gotten inspiration from us! :)