All Things Delicious is pleased to present a carefully curated selection of hot and nourishing meals for Iftar (breaking of fast), and beautiful and meaningful gifts for your loved ones, and associates.


Ramadan is considered the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims the world over observe a fast from dawn till dusk, enhanced spirituality and the strengthening of relations.

Here, in our Ramadan Shop you find all you need to commemorate this holy month in a tasteful way. Help to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Palestinians

And with our Small But Mighty campaign we invite you to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Palestinians via @loveaid. Read more here.

Ramadan Essentials

A variety of nutritious and delicious essentials, suitable for you to send to your loved ones as a warm greeting during the holy month or gather around as a treat for Iftar.

Ramadan Gifting

Need a little help on the perfect Ramadan gift idea? A few thought starters from All Things Delicious, featuring our premium, high quality dates, best-selling cookies and snacks. Perfect for Ramadan gifting in Singapore!


To celebrate this festive period, All Things Delicious has specially curated Ramadan & Raya Sets filled with delicious treats for you and your loved ones to indulge in! Fuss-free and save some time and some dollars too!

There is absolutely no need for you to spend time preparing that perfect set of sweet treats or hot food for you and your family and guests to enjoy. It’s a time of sharing, bonding and feeding others.

Raya Greeting Card

Wish and greet your loved ones this festive season with All Things Delicious' Raya Greeting Card!

Simply add them to the cake, hamper or cookie jar of your choice, right on the product page. Or you can order this greeting card separately.

That's what we call: The Art of Gifting!

Get Ramadan Ready, with All Things Delicious

Top 5 Destinations

For Breaking Fast in Singapore

Explore Singapore's best spots for Iftar, the meal breaking the Ramadan fast. From dawn to sunset, Muslims engage in a deep spiritual journey, abstaining from food and drink. Iftar signifies more than a meal; it's a moment of divine mercy and communal bonding. Discover where to experience this sacred tradition, offering nourishment and unity.

Ramadan Gifts & Dinner Suggestions

All Things Delicious is ready to serve you this Ramadan Festive Season in Singapore

Celebrate Ramadan with our exquisite collection specially curated for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Ramadan Essentials

The Ramadan season always motivates our chefs to go one step further in serving you the very best All Things Delicious has to offer. To create your own Iftar-To-Go Mini Buffet, start with some of the suggestions below and add on from our extensive catering and bakery menus until it completely fulfils the needs of your Ramadan Party. Here are some of the highlights from our Ramadan & Iftar Essentials.

ATD Houseblend Granola - Ramadan Edition - The Ramadan Edition of All Things Delicious' Houseblend Granola is back! Made with all the good things such as whole grain oats, seeds, nuts, coconuts and raisins. The Ramadan version comes power-packed with the addition of dates. A slow release of energy that is full of nourishment. And it’s delicious too! Grab a pack, or three!
Palestinian Medjoul DatesThese naturally gluten-free medjoul dates are not only nutritious but are testament to the Palestinian date farmers who have been growing them for centuries in the land of milk and honey. Packed in our reusable, Made-in-Italy, airtight jars.
Chef-to-Go Mini Buffet - Our Chef-To-Go is back with this mouth-watering Mini Buffet just for this coming Ramadan! What a delicious option to treat your guests with a mouthwatering mini buffet, without having to spend hours in the kitchen.
Mezze Platter - Ramadan Raya EditionA colourful sharing platter is great for iftar! With a selection of antipasto vegetables, marinated feta cheese, kalamata olives, and some juicy protein - grass-fed steak and ATD’s spicy lamb meatballs. Yum! Comes with handmade flatbread, too. This mezze also comes with Jerusalem-style Hummus with pan-fried lamb. The tender but lean lamb neck gets sliced and then marinated in warm spices before getting fried in olive oil until aromatic!
Shakshouka Tray with FocacciaShakshouka is a meat-free, North African stew made of peppers, tomatoes and mild spices, topped with our cage-free eggs. This dish comes complete with a tub of crème fraîcheand a loaf (more like a pillow) of our house made focaccia, perfect for dipping and for cleaning up all the sauce!
Classic Lamb Shepherd's PieShepherd’s pie evokes a sense of comfort and familiarity for many families with its hearty filling of mince cooked with onions, carrots, and other ingredients and topped with a thick layer of mashed potatoes. A satisfying and substantial meal that warms both the body and soul. From the All Things Delicious family to yours! Enjoy!
Gojuchang Beef Shepherd's PieAn Asian twist to the classic! Minced beef jazzed up with a sweet and hardly-heaty gojuchang sauce. Gojuchang is a Korean spice paste with sweetness from its fermentation. It is not very spicy and great for the spicy-averse out there to try. Topped with beta-carotene-rich sweet potato for extra flavour and nutrients!
Ramadan Edition Canapés (Box of 12 or 36) - Perfect as a light start for Iftar or the breaking of fast. These bite-sized Ramadan-edition canapes will not only look gorgeous on your iftar spread, but they will definitely delight the palate of you and your guests and disappear in the blink of an eye!


Ramadan Gifts

This festive season is always a good time to give. So this year we have created a Ramadan Gift Selections for you, with a whole range of delicious gift suggestions for every budget. Make sure you order in time, so we can ensure every handmade gift can get the attention from our chefs it needs to delight your friends, family, neighbours, or business relations 

Chocolate Truffle Dates Gift Box (GF)Each of the dates in this luxury box is stuffed with a delicious, not-so-sweet filling that gives extra flavour and texture as you take each bite. Throughout the whole process, these gluten-free Chocolate Truffle Dates are handmade by our chefs, from pitting the dates, tempering the high quality chocolate and roasting the nuts till perfection, creating a truly artisanal treat.

Maghrib Macaron Gift Box - Another one of All Things Delicious’ luxury collection of hand made delicacy in the form of macarons. Each box comes in three limited-edition and unique flavours, specially created by the pastry chefs in All Things Delicious to signify the month of Ramadan. True to ATD’s baking and cooking ethos, these macarons are made without any artificial colours or flavours.

Signature Ramadan Gift Box - ATD’S Signature Ramadan gift box comes with all the Ramadan essentials! A boxful of goodies that includes All Things Delicious' best-selling cookies, our snack pack of house-made granola and a box of Ajwa/Safawi dates.

Ramadan Dawn Til Dusk Gift BasketOur freshly-baked Houseblend Granola is handmade in our premises with oats, nuts, honey, dates and seeds to make it a perfect and quick sahoor, perfect with yogurt or blended into a smoothie. The Palestinian medjoul dates are juicy and full of nutrients and make the perfect first bite during iftar.

Ramadan Kareem Goodie Bag Reward yourself or anyone around you with our Ramadan Goodie Bags! Choose from any of ATD’s bestselling cookies, a box of Ajwa/Safawi Dates and delicious handcrafted soft caramels!. All this in one bag, will surely bring comfort to anyone (think kids, friends, colleagues) breaking their fast during this Ramadan season.

Pineapple TartA labour of love: the pineapple jam and buttery base are made from scratch so that you can oh-so-easily pop these babies into your mouths and enjoy them one after another.

Classic Sugee Cookies - Made with clarified butter and semolina with a gorgeous buttery aroma and an amazing crunch! You'll be popping these in!

Chocolate Almond Shortbread - Dark cocoa and almonds together make these shortbread cookies one of our top-selling products. Crisp and just perfect. Glass of milk optional! 

Chocolate Chip Cookieswe love our cookies crisp and buttery and this cookie fits the bill to a T. Dark chocolate bits, lovely crisp brown sugar dough and crunchy walnuts.

Cheddar Caraway CigarsA scrumptious savoury biscuit with the terrific saltiness of cheddar cheese combined with aromatic caraway seeds, otherwise known as Persian Cumin, to add warmth, sweetness and pizzazz. Let's nibble!

Mexican Wedding Cookies (V)Crunchy, crushed pecans, we love how toffee-like pecans get when they get roasted. These babies are so light and so easy to continuously pop into the mouth. Absolutely one of our favourite cookies and we are definitely adding it into our Cookie Hall of Fame!

Matcha Butter Cookies (V)These cookies are made with just a handful of ingredients and boy, do the quality of the ingredients simply shine through! From European lactic butter to the most premium Japanese matcha we could get our hands on, these little morsels are all you could ask for and more in a traditional butter cookie. Perfect with a cup of hot green tea!

Pecan Demerera Cookies - These little round cookies have been your favourite since 2014! Pecans enrobed in an all-butter shortbread gets rolled in raw demerara sugar making them extra crispy after baking! A delightful tea-time treat.

Coconut Candy Gift Pack - Ramadan and Raya is all about spreading happiness. What better way than giving away sweet little treats such as these old school Coconut Burfi, better known in the Singapore/Malaysia context as the Coconut Candy! Made with freshly-squeezed, natural pandan flavours and tropical desiccated coconut, simply YUM!

Chocolate Cornflakes Gift Pack - A classic Hari Raya snack, made with dark couverture chocolate and sprinkled with the tiniest amount of Maldon sea salt to make a HUGE difference. These little ribboned packets make terrific sweet treats for EVERYONE in the office, your neighbours or your loved ones!


Festive Sets

Aidilfitri Set - The Aidilfitri Set is a great choice for sharing a meal with the family or with guests for Iftar or for Raya. Contains, canapes, mezze platter, bundt cake and tarts.

Mubarak SetThe Mubarak Set brings together ATD favorites for a crowd-pleasing feast, featuring handmade focaccia to dip into shakshouka with cage-free eggs and mild North-African spices, accompanied by merguez sausages. Choose from comfort-rich Shepherd’s Pie with Gojuchang beef and mashed sweet potatoes or the classic NZ lamb and potatoes, both topped with melted cheese. Desserts include the unbeatable best-selling Bread & Butter Pudding with creme anglaise and the popular Cempedak Loaf, a buttery, tropical fruit-loaded treat guaranteed to delight at gatherings.

Ramadan Dusk Set - The Ramadan Dusk set caters to those wanting to maintain their protein intake without sacrificing taste during Ramadan. It features an organically raised whole chicken, slow-grown in a stress-free, hormone-free environment, and fed a pineapple enzyme diet for sweeter, more succulent meat. Marinated in a Lemongrass Ginger sauce and served with dipping sauce and achar, it's a highlight of our mini buffet selections, all prepared to order with the finest meats and spices. The set is crowned with our signature Sticky Toffee Pudding, a best-seller since 2013, served with homemade toffee sauce for a splendid iftar dessert.

Lebaran Set - The Lebaran set is your ultimate choice to get Raya-ready! If you're looking for handmade, delicious, and fresh-made cookies presented beautifully in airtight and reusable bottles, ready to serve in gorgeous glass jars, then the All Things Delicious Lebaran Set is exactly what you need. There's no need for further explanations! Simply choose your cookie selections and you're all set. Making a choice has never been easier, right?

Raya Favourites Set - The Raya Favourites set from All Things Delicious is a collection of our top cakes, perfect for hosting or gifting. This set includes classics from our selection, offering both taste and savings—a truly sweet deal! Our Classic Marvel Marble Cake combines the best of butter and chocolate cakes, using fine Dutch cocoa for a deliciously striped marvel. The Orange-infused Sugee Cake, a traditional recipe with a twist of fresh orange zest and drizzle, stands out for its unique flavor and gemstone-like decoration. The Sticky Toffee Pudding, made with Deglet Nour dates and served with homemade toffee sauce, is a dreamy dessert choice. Lastly, the Sea Salt Caramel Brownie, featuring high-quality chocolate and traditional French caramel with a touch of sea salt, is our best-selling brownie, loved for its rich, chocolatey taste and smooth texture.

Sweet Raya Set - The Sweet Raya set offers a selection of nine handmade, freshly-baked cookies including Pineapple Tart, Coconut Gula Melaka, Chocolate Almond Shortbread, and Cheddar Caraway Cigars, all from All Things Delicious. These cookies are made to order, ensuring freshness and quality. The highlight of this set is the choice between the Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Creme Cake (GF) or the Ondeh-ondeh Cake, both poised to be the centerpiece of any gathering. The Gluten-Free Flourless Hazelnut Creme Cake features a bold flavor with fresh berries and roasted hazelnut cream, showcasing a luxurious taste and a naturally sunken center. Alternatively, the Ondeh-ondeh Cake, with its layers of pandan sponge, coconut mousse, and gula melaka cremeux, offers a local flavor profile, made without artificial colors or flavors, using unrefined sugar and cage-free eggs, and is best enjoyed chilled.

Golden Ramanda Gift Set - The Ramadan Golden Gift Set is ideal for those embracing the spirit of sharing during Ramadan, featuring 2 Chocolate Truffle Dates and 2 Maghrib Macaron Gift Boxes. Purchasing four sets not only supports our Small But Mighty campaign but also offers savings. The Chocolate Truffle Dates are crafted from large, juicy Palestinian medjoul dates filled with a tasty, mildly sweet filling for enhanced flavor and texture. Meanwhile, the Maghrib Macaron Gift Box contains delicate, handmade pastries in three unique, limited-edition flavors designed to celebrate Ramadan, made without any artificial colors or flavors. Each box, with its thoughtful and beautiful presentation, makes a perfect Ramadan gift.


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