The New Delicious!

At All Things Delicious, #WeLoveWeDoWeEat. We’re always obsessed with improving our cakes, pastries and our wholesome foods. Let the creative juices flow, people say. However, the whole process of brainstorming, curating and experimenting usually takes us 6 months…. And also 'cause we are that finicky!

#TeamDelicious is super excited to announce the launch of our new celebration cakes! Featuring some of our favourite cake flavours, along with brand new combinations we are dying to let you try. There are a variety of options if you’re looking for children’s birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and more. There are also not 2, not 3 but FIVE best chocolate cakes in our new collection!

Before taking a closer look at how gorgeous the cakes are, good news - you can order a 5” cake now - the perfect small size cakes for intimate gatherings and celebrations, especially given the current COVID-19 situation. Remember to click on the hyperlinks to find out more about the cakes and click here to know how to place an order for any upcoming celebrations!


The favourite cake for all children's parties in Singapore the good old chocolate cake

Good Ol' Chocolate Cake - The perfect children's birthday cake - but one which will be enjoyed by everybody! 

 For caramel lovers the #1 cake in Singapore

Caramelove Cake - I mean really, what's not to LOVE about this Caramelove Cake?! 100/100!


Empress Sponge - You won't be in a jam with this lovely, dainty cake.

Chocolate Crunch Ombre Cake - If you love your cake pretty and with some crunch.


Raspberry Ripple Cake - We absolutely love the new look and as mentioned, we never use any artificial colours for all our cakes so this cake is good for ages 1-101!


Cookies & Cream Cake - We know this Oreo-licious cake will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!


Monochrome Cake - Fashionably dark chocolate, topped with 24k gold leaf, #foodporn.


The Interview

Here’s a little Q&A we did with Dewi Imelda Wadhwa (Mel), our founder.

"We are super excited about these new cakes! The revamp meant getting creative and working towards making beautiful cakes without ever compromising on our ethos and our devotion to quality. Our cakes are all made without artificial colours and our chefs had really done a great job making each and every one of these gorgeous cakes POP! I’m really proud of their work and love this collection." said Mel.

What inspired you to come up with these new celebration cakes? 

Mel Wadhwa - founder at All Things DeliciousI think it is now more important than ever to celebrate every single thing worth celebrating! The world is changing and we are all not sure when and if things will go back to normal. So I say embrace the changes and celebrate life! And as we celebrate life, we are all also becoming more mindful of what we put in our bodies. It’s the only body we’ve got! So our preference of not using any artificial colours, preservatives or artificial flavours is the choice we made since day one in 2013. We are still using unrefined sugar for all our cakes. Over the years, we’ve kept a close eye to the quality of our products and the ingredients that go into them. Using Danish cultured butter and cage-free eggs are just some of the steps we took to improve our products.

What's the fun part about launching new cakes, foods, pastries etc.?

It's definitely the research and development process! Oh and the taste test of course! That's when the chefs and I critique each other with constructive feedback that leads to little (or big) tweaks here and there until we are fully satisfied. Until the product deserves the All Things Delicious brand on them!

Which cake will you recommend to the customers?

THE cake I can have every day is the Sticky Toffee Pudding, our signature cake/pudding/dessert all rolled into one sticky mess. But with regards to celebration cakes, I am torn between the Chocolate Crunch Ombre Cake and the Raspberry Ripple Cake! But don’t take my word for it! Give them a go yourself!

Thanks Mel, for the wonderful insight!

Nuff said. We sincerely hope these new stunning cakes have created some kind of excitement! Head over to our celebration cakes page for more information and remember to tell us, which one is your favourite on our Instagram page. We want to hear from you!