Orange Cranberry Scones (Box of 6)

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The scone that started it all. This scone is a life-changer. It changed my life. Did it change yours? =)

I've always been a scone fan. Naturally too, due to my die-hard, carb-loving disposition. I was born with it, baby! There’s just no running away from it.

Took a lot of time to perfect this, I’ll be honest. The time/dedication/blood/sweat/tears taken to creating a good crumb is way out of proportion to the time taken to devour one – making it one of my top reasons how life can be so unfair sometimes. But I am happy. You are happy. We win!

"The Orange-cranberry Scones are superb. The generous cranberries make every bite yummy. It is nicely balanced with the citrusy orange flavour."

Janet Low

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