Let me share a few fun facts with you.

The word BURFI comes from the Persian and Urdu word barf which means snow. In the early days of its history, burfi was mainly a white-coloured confection hence the reference to snow. Over time the name evolved to what we know it today as Burfi (or barfi) and it is especially popular in North India. Made of milk, sugar and mild spices; with cashews and coconut as common additions, burfi is often served at celebrations and religious festivals such as Diwali.

In the mid-19th century, workers from India crossed oceans and brought the burfi to Trinidad where it has remained popular till today.

Want to get to know our Burfi even better? Add them to your shopping cart right now, and enjoy that fudgy texture and delicate coconut flavour.

Coconut Burfi Gift Pack (Coconut Candy) (V)
Coconut Burfi Gift Pack (Coconut Candy) (V)
Coconut Burfi Gift Pack (Coconut Candy) (V)

Coconut Burfi Gift Pack (Coconut Candy) (V)

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Deepavali is all about spreading happiness. What better way than giving away sweet little treats such as these old school Coconut Burfi, or better known in the Singapore/Malaysia context as the Coconut Candy!

It is our Founder @imeldawadhwa ‘s favourite childhood snack! These tasty white and pink blocks of fudgy, coconut goodness does not contain any artificial flavourings or colours, just pure deliciousness in every bite.

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