Top 5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If you are stumped with what to get for mum this Mother’s Day, here are 5 brilliant gift ideas for her! Take note: Mother’s Day in 2022 in Singapore falls on 8 May! Key in that date! It’s time to spoil her with these gifts!

Skincare Products

Mother's Day Gift Suggestion #1

The gift idea that will not go wrong for Mother’s Day is skincare. As mothers grow older, they care more about their skin and may also be affected by the way they look. They already have a perfect skincare routine, but you can help replenish their more expensive skincare products. If you are clueless about what is suitable for mum, look out for creams or serums that are anti-ageing, skin firming, that target dark spots, dullness and wrinkles. If you do not know anything about skincare, face masks can never go wrong. If you are willing to spend more, get her a luxurious facial package from a spa. All she needs to do is turn up and be pampered at your expense. Totally deserving!

Image by Ketut Subiyanto

Sweet Treats

Mother's Day Gift Suggestion #2

Mother’s Day is definitely a day to celebrate just like birthdays and anniversaries. Sweet treats such as cakes, macarons or even cookies are a great way to express your love for mum on this special occasion. All Things Delicious offers exclusive Mother’s Day gift boxes, a Mother’s Day Cake, featuring Bourbon Madagascar vanilla limited edition floral mugs and dainty, handmade macarons. Nothing like tea time with mum at home or at the park, away from the maddening crowd in the malls. All Things Delicious have also designed a Mother’s Day card (blank inside) for you to express your appreciation to Mum. Shop here!

Image by All Things Delicious

Jewelry and Accessories

Mother's Day Gift Suggestion #3

Make your mom feel like the queen that she is! Jewelry is always a good idea. If you cannot decide what mum would like, it is always better to go for evergreen designs that will never go out of style or will work with any of her outfits. Simple-designed cuffs or bangles, pearl necklaces, simple gemstone earrings would be safe bets. Other ways to splurge on mum would be accessories such as silk scarves (think Coach, Longchamp, Hermes) or leather purses of which there is endless variety to suit all budgets. For many of these ideas, you can get them in sets such as necklaces and earrings set or handbag and wallets together or sunglasses and hats together. Get mum to dress up and wear them when you are taking her out for a dinner date!

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay


Mother's Day Gift Suggestion #4

If your mum is comfortable with technology, then getting her an iPad for Mother’s Day is a fantastic idea. Your mum can use it to watch YouTube videos, download her favourite K-dramas and be updated with the latest news. If you get her a suitable stand for the iPad as well, she can search up recipes and cook a new dish with ease. Mum doesn’t need to strain her eyes anymore because the iPad screen is so much larger than a mobile phone!

Image by Feuxels

Air fryer

Mother's Day Gift Suggestion #5

Getting her an Air Fryer might turn you into her favourite son/daughter yet! Air fryers make cooking so much easier, faster and less oily. There is less mess to clean up later too. Mum can whip up something super quick, especially for her grandchildren, from freezer (eg: popcorn chicken, mini pizzas, mozzarella sticks, fries) to piping hot in minutes. No oil necessary either and no deep-frying at all! Using an air-fryer frees up so much of her time and makes cooking healthier. Giving this kitchen appliance as a Mother’s Day gift will definitely make your mum’s day not only on Mother’s Day but every single day.

Image by 802290022 from Getty Images

If the above suggestions do not match mum’s needs or wants no worries. Fresh flowers, scented candles, spa membership, massage chairs, coffee machine or maybe even an Angpao would make her a happy lady! Beyond all these, it is the time spent together with you that would be her most cherished gift, so always remember that!