Top 5 Father’s Day Activities to do with Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner (on 19th June FYI!) and you have gotten Dad the perfect Father’s Day gift but what to do on Father’s Day itself? Well, it’s time to start thinking of the cool things you can do with Dad! Whether it's pampering him with a barbershop visit or celebrating at home, here are some great Father's Day activities you can do with your family man.

1. Go for a fancy grooming session

If you are looking to pamper your dad or father-figure this Father’s Day, LA Barbershop and Sultans of Shave are two grooming places you can bring dad to where haircuts, tonsorial art and male grooming are the names of the game. The best part? Facial treatments are also offered at both the barbershops. Dad definitely deserves some pampering! Book him an appointment one now!

Photos by delfina pan on Unsplash & Arthur Humeau on Unsplash

2. Order in yummy food for a movie night

With such a special occasion, why not opt for an at-home gourmet feast instead of a pizza delivery, and spend the evening watching a movie together? Treat your Dad to a sumptuous sweet and savoury feast with All Things Delicious Father’s Day set menu. Take a look at our Father’s Day set menu for more details. You may also consider throwing in The Chatter Platter’s charcuterie and bread set for good measure. Remember to let your Dad pick the film even if it’s some obscure historical documentary that you have no interest in!

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3. Bask in the great outdoors

Make a date with your Dad and nature this Father’s Day! Take in the great outdoors by walking through the park, hiking a nearby hill (we suggest chill hiking trails in Singapore if this is gonna be your first time hiking with pops!) or go on an exhilarating cycling jaunt around Singapore’s expansive Park Connector Network. Pack a bag full of Dad's favourite treats and lace up your comfy shoes! Don't forget the sunscreen and insect repellent!

Photo by DragonImages

4. Father’s Day Yacht Trip

This Father’s Day, express your gratitude to your dad by treating him to a yacht trip! There are 40 yacht options offered by Seek Sophie, including affordable 4-hour yacht trips, pet-friendly yachts, and even yacht stays. A 4-hour sailing trip is a good option for a fun afternoon with the family on Father's Day, as it includes a bunch of water activities like kayaking and stand up paddle boarding, plus a barbecue can be added if desired. Affordable trips start from $588 for 5 pax so hurry book now via their site and embark on a fun-filled Father’s Day yacht that will fill every moment with sunshine, good times and wow-worthy experiences!

Photos by Seek Sophe

5. Evening in the Wild at Night Safari

Partake in a unique and exclusive evening experience at Night Safari! Treat your first superhero to a four-course gourmet Western dinner complete with dessert and a selection of wines in Singapore's first tipi-tent restaurant. The evening's experience includes a private tram ride through Night Safari to witness its nocturnal wildlife and exclusive encounters with special animal ambassadors. It is undoubtedly a unique dining experience that honours fatherhood and paternal bonds. Seats are limited so hurry and book now! *Please note the four-course gourmet is not Muslim friendly.

Photo by Singapore Zoological Gardens

We hope our list of Father's Day activities will give you some inspiration on what you can do with your pops on the day itself. If you are not venturing out much, the at-home activities might be more your cup of tea but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the day all together. You can do something else from the list above and spend time with him. As far as we know, time is what your pops wants most of all.

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