All Things Delicious Teacher's Day Gift Guide

Are you on the lookout for a gift this Teachers’ Day? Check out our gift guide for some lovely gift ideas for Teachers’ Day! ✨🎉

It can be hard to say a big thank you to the teachers for the challenging past year, but All Things Delicious will have you all covered. A simple but thoughtful gift like a box of delicious pastries with an accompanying handwritten card is a good place to start! Express your gratitude to the teachers with these practical gift ideas.

A Handwritten Greeting Card

A heartfelt, handwritten card can never go wrong! Inside the card, lies the true expression of a person’s heart. The ATD Greeting Cards come blank inside so you can pour your heart out with perhaps a teacher’ day haiku or strike a literary prose or two! #TeamDelicious has been writing all your thoughtful notes to your recipients for a long time now and our pens are ever ready for them! This is a great opportunity to acknowledge a teacher’s guidance, inspiration, tough love, and all other appreciative thoughts. The greeting cards will absolutely reinforce a teacher’s passion for teaching, and will leave a warm fuzzy feeling that will stay with them for a long, long time!

Greeting Card: Your Awesome Greeting Card: Thank You

Gift Cards

Sometimes it is good to let the receiver choose what he or she likes! Enter the ATD Gift Card – making it easy to send someone a gift since 2013! The ATD Gift Card offers flexibility and convenience for sure! The good thing is, you as the sender will be e-mailing the ATD Gift Card personally to the recipient, not some cold, automated, computer-generated email from an e-commerce store. So, feel free to write your own heartfelt message in your email to them. Best of all, teacher gets to choose from our mindboggling selection of sweet treats, savoury pastries, wholesome meals, exciting beverages and many more from! Find out here, easy peasy!

Gift Card

Individual Gifts

You can choose to make a gift box for teacher. Simply get a nice, sturdy box, some pretty washy tapes and/or ribbons and fill the box with teacher-friendly items such markers, pens, post-its along with some current-times essentials such as anti-bacterial wipes or bottles of sanitisers, hand cream, or some relaxing tea bags. Include your own handmade, personalised card too. But we know, sometimes there’s hardly any time to do all that! If you find it difficult to create your own gift box for teacher, express your gratitude by gifting them an ATD Care Pack or ATD Gift Box! Just leave it to All Things Delicious! There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing and grabbing our most popular Individual Gifts, Cookie Jars, Cookie Gift Packs, Little Cakes. They make perfect and presentable Teachers’ Day gifts!

Care Pack Gift Boxes Little Cake Delicious Cookies

Local Flavours

If you are gifting to teachers who are not from Singapore, consider gifting them some local favourites! Even if they are Singaporeans, let them reminisce and indulge in some local flavours! Pandan Chiffon Cake is a brilliant choice, a truly iconic Singapore cake that is pillowy-soft and super tasty. Want something even more unique yet still with the local flavours? Then look no further than All Things Delicious’ iconic Gula Melaka Scones. These mouth-watering scones are a ATD original and have gained All Things Delicious a cult following. Buttery and crisp on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside, not too sweet either. These scones are just perfect and what a great way for teacher to enjoy as breakfast or as a teatime treat.

Gula Melaka Scones Gula Melaka Scones

Try also the All Things Delicious Sepak Takraw rolls! These rolls have been created in both sweet and savoury flavours – Ondeh-ondeh and Sambal Ikan Bilis! The delicious, sweet filling of Ondeh Ondeh Sepak Takraw Rolls are made of natural desiccated coconut sweetened with gula melaka, with lovely and sweet Southeast Asian feels in every bite. On the other hand, the savoury version, Sambal Ikan Bilis Sepak Takraw Rolls are filled with fragrant and spicy sambal tumis and crispy ikan bilis, an absolute blast in the mouth for sure.! Grab a box of 6 rolls! These Sepak Takraw rolls are available for a limited time only so ORDER NOW!

Sepak Takraw Rolls: Sambal Ikan Bilis Sepak Takraw Rolls: Ondeh-Ondeh

Cookies and Granola

Teachers, with long hours of marking and checking schoolwork, could use with something delicious to munch on and to keep them going!

Pineapple Tarts Coconut Gula Melaka Cookies Chocolate Almond Shortbread Chocolate Chips Cheddar Caraway Cigars
Oatmeal Apricot Pecan Demerara Mexican Wedding Cookie Classic Sugee Cookie Gift Packs

All of All Things Delicious cookies are handcrafted fresh-to-order and made with unrefined sugar, cultured butter and cage-free eggs. And they are delicious, of course! Get teacher a bottle or two of our amazing cookies, such as the Chocolate Chip, The Coconut Gula Melaka or the Cheddar Caraway Cigars, to name a few!

ATD Houseblend Granola

For health-conscious teachers, a bag of the ATD Houseblend Granola would be a perfect gift! Made fresh in our premises weekly, the ATD Houseblend Granola is a mix of high-protein, wholegrain oats, and almonds, with raisins, seeds, and coconut. Teacher can grab a spoonful while on the go and enjoy a slow release of energy from our granola.


Make sure to give our Educational Rockstars the thanks they deserve with a gift they will truly enjoy now! Meanwhile, Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers out there, you rock! 🤟

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