5 Traditional Things That People Do in Chinese New Year

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The most widely celebrated holiday for the Chinese is Chinese New year, also known as Lunar New Year. 2023 is the year of the Rabbit. No matter what animal year it is, some traditions remain the same as people celebrate for good health, prosperity, happiness and luck. Here are the top 5 traditional things that Chinese people do during the CNY period.

1. Cleaning up the house

There is nothing like a good spring cleaning before Chinese New Year. It is believed that cleaning the house inside and out can get rid of bad luck collected over the previous years and bring good fortune for upcoming years. Also, cleaning the house on New Year’s Day is a NO GO, because you are sweeping good luck away! So, remember: clean the house before Chinese New Year!

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2. Wearing Red Clothes

To gain maximum good luck and wash off every bad spirit, wearing something in red such as red socks, red shoes, red clothes is very auspicious. If you do not prefer red, you may still choose other bright colors like orange and pink. Wearing bright colors brings a brighter future for the new year.

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3. Usher in the New Year

Setting off firecrackers is one of the things to do for Chinese New Year. It is an old tradition but it is recognised as an essential one. Chinese people believe that the noise coming out from that firework will scare away all the bad spirits and clean out the bad luck. Setting off the firecracker at midnight is a sign of good luck for the year ahead. However, in Singapore, setting off firecrackers is not allowed. So Singaporeans decorate their houses with ornaments that resemble fire crackers which signal the start of a prosperous new year.

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4. Giving Ang Baos

Hongbao or Ang Bao refers to lucky money, which is packed inside red envelopes. According to Chinese tradition, the elders give red envelope to kids, to bring good luck and wishing the best. On the other hand, some of the adults who are already employed give these cash-filled res envelopes to their parents and grandparents in order for them to get healthier, and love longer and better lives. People who receive Hongbao are also really happy and they believe that they will get happiness and luck when they use that lucky money. Giving out during Chinese New Year is a very meaningful tradition during Chinese New Year.

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5. Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

Reunion Dinner takes place as the most important part of Chinese New Year. No matter how big their families are, they try to gather several generations and have dinner together. According to Chinese tradition, CNY reunion dinners are set up with various lucky foods such as Fish, Shrimp, dumplings, vegetables, chicken, noodles, etc.

The chefs at All Things Delicious have created a delectable reunion dinner menu for a reunion to remember!

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Therefore, let’s welcome this year of the rabbit by doing these Chinese Traditional Things that never get old. “Xin Nian Kuai Le”