Caramelised Onion and Cheddar Scones (Box of 6)

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My love for scones is not limited to the sweet variety. Just like my love for kuih bakar. And when you add cheese to dough, or when you add cheese to anything, it becomes immediately irresistible.

I grew up with the universal, omnipresent, rectangular blue box of “cheese” (you didn’t have to refrigerate it even!) and remember my late grandpa putting them on EVERYTHING. My grandpa and I were partners in kitchen crime. We especially liked grilling it between two slices of soft white bread on the sandwich maker and relish the crispy buttery oily edges.

But wait, we're supposed to be talking about scones here. And yes these scones have a touch of sophistication (?) to them with our balsamic-caramelised onions. But really, who cares? I like them toasted on its own for breakfast, and for dinner, as an accompaniment to some nourishing soup.

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