Celebrate International Women’s Day with 6 Inspiring Women


Mentors can show up in our lives in all sorts of ways. We often establish a connection with a senior team member who's helped us in times of need and during career transitions. We may meet someone outside of work who can share their knowledge and serve as a sounding board for broader career questions and concerns too. If you are lucky enough, you may also have a direct manager who would go the extra mile to help you thrive in your current role and prepare for your next one.

Mentorship has been shown to be extraordinarily beneficial for women in the workplace, according to research. The average number of men in managerial positions is 62%, compared to 38% of women (link), and 1 in 5 women report being the only woman or one of the only women in a room at work. However, mentorship can have a significant impact on employee retention and performance. According to a Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) case study, employees who received mentoring in the five years prior to being promoted were five times more likely to be promoted (link).

Many female members in Team Delicious have been fortunate to be mentored by amazing women, and in celebration of International Women's Day, which takes place on March 8, we asked them to share their stories of how a female mentor helped them advance their careers and professional skills.


Jennie - Chef De Partie

My mother has always been my teacher whom I am very proud of. She brought me up with a strong mindset, readied me to tackle all the trials in life with love and compassion. In fact, the dedication and love I have for my job came from her. She is a dressmaker and designer. She told me that if I love what I do, it will also love me in return. So since then, I developed passion and love for baking and I always strive for perfection at work. Frankly, being a pastry chef is not just a job for me, but a calling that I would not have discovered if not for my mother who pushed me to find it.


Elaine Lim - Marketing and Business Development Executive

My Internship Supervisor, Preemal was instrumental in helping me identify my potential and passion early in my career. She was my supervisor in a branding agency and during my time there, she taught me the value of believing in myself and the importance of putting in the work to become good, if not excellent at something. I have also been inspired by her leadership and problem-solving mindset despite her young age, giving me a sense of the leader I wish to be in the future. The positive influence of a direct supervisor on my development and career was something I never expected, especially during the transition from university to adulthood, I could not be more thankful!


Shu Bing - Sales and Marketing Executive

Valeria Chan, the founder of Evdance has the most fundamental and incredible impact on me. After I graduated, I was given the opportunity to intern in her company, working alongside to get work done. She held me accountable to perform at a very high level, and simply did not hold back in pointing out where my work fell short. Nonetheless, she was also the one to acknowledge my progress too! Her impact on my first job has always been immense as she taught me the importance of professionalism and perseverance at work. Extremely grateful for her who now is not only a dance instructor to me but now also a mentor who I can seek advice from.



Shafeeqah Rafik - Digital Content Creator Executive

Lucky for me, I have two women in my life, my mother and sister, that inspire me to pursue my passion for creativity in my career. Although different in age, they hold similar views when it comes to acknowledging their self-worth and becoming their own leaders. With the many challenges faced, they’ve always managed to conquer it with elegance and brilliance. Both are courageous, dedicated and confident. They never fail to motivate and inspire me to be comfortable in my own skin and most importantly, to be my true and authentic self. These positive and empowering pillars that have always been in my life are blessings that I could not be more grateful for.


Siti Nasriah - Restaurant Supervisor

Ashley was the supervisor that taught me the fundamentals of customer service by allowing me to take on elevated responsibilities at the stationary shop that I was working alongside with her. As an introvert, I would prefer doing stocktaking and not handling any customers but she brought out the best of me by asking me to handle tricky customer service scenarios. This enabled me to eventually take on bigger responsibilities in the shop, increasing the customer base and I eventually knew that was an interest of mine professionally.


Nur Jannah - Digital Content Creator Intern

Ms Fazlin made an astronomical impact on my life and also helped me in identifying my passion early in my academic years. As the form teacher in my final year of secondary school, she went beyond teaching the subjects in school, but also modelled the importance of character in life. I have always been thankful for her constant support and encouragement and her impact is felt even after I have graduated from the school too. She was truly the guiding star who really shined a light for me and made all the difference.



How about you? Do you have an amazing female mentor? If it’s a yes, why not send them a note, get them a gift to let them know that they have played an important part in your personal growth! In any case, let us all take this opportunity to celebrate the women who have given us the guidance and inspiration in our professional development. Maybe it's your turn now (even if you are a man!) to take the time and make the commitment to mentor and encourage other women. You might just find yourself being thanked in a post like this sometime down the road. :)