Back to Work: 4 Benefits of Coffee in the Office

Things are finally starting to look up! But first, COFFEE! As we all start preparing on how to get back into our going-to-work routines and head back to the office, it’s no question that almost everyone at work love a hot cup of coffee. In the morning or even in the middle of the day (or throughout the day!) to perk themselves up. We don’t know about you but we believe that drinking coffee can not only increase productivity, but also increase overall happiness and job satisfaction. The aroma itself is enough to get our creativity juices flowing! What do you think we are drinking while writing this article? 😉

It is impressive that 62% of Singaporeans1 say they drink coffee regularly, so coffee and coffee-drinking is definitely an essential, everyday activity in the office. Companies may face the wrath of caffeine-deprived workers if there’s no good coffee available in the office! #BeenThereDoneThat

Understand the Benefits of Coffee in the Office
Here are 4 good reasons why a cuppa contributes greatly to the office environment.

1. Coffee helps to increase Productivity

Beyond the relaxing experience it provides, a cup of coffee can improve employee efficiency2 levels at work. A quick coffee break can help employees to socialize, connect and mingle with other colleagues in a pleasant, relaxing conversation. This in turn makes the workforce happier and a meeting smoother as a break can sustain levels of productive outcome during the day. Furthermore, a study3 showed that when 80% of employees are given perks such as free coffee and tea, they are more inspired to do better at work.

2. Coffee helps to Focus and Increase Memory Function

Go ahead and pour yourself a cuppa. According to a study,4 coffee can help employees focus their minds, improve motor and cognitive function, improve short-term memory, and help increase accuracy of reactions. Nonetheless, excessive caffeine intake can be harmful to one's health. Thus, keep to moderate caffeine intake per day!

3. Coffee creates a Positive Workplace Culture

Coffee in the office not only boosts employee productivity, but it also facilitates teamwork too. An MIT study5 found that coffee breaks have a favourable influence on enhancing the strength of groups in the workplace. In addition, research6 has also found similar consumption habits may foster greater trust, collaboration, and cooperation. This in turn makes coffee sessions with colleagues a great way to bounce ideas off each other, exchange opinions, share and create new ideas.

4. Coffee is Social

Having coffee in the office is a friendly community within the workplace that ultimately helps to boost employees’ mood and overall attitude towards the office setting and even company. Bumping into colleagues over coffee often the best opportunity to ask about their situation, how they are etc. Coffee breaks often give employees a chance to spend time together instead of discussing their work. In general, coffee drinks open social opportunities, which is why coffee is important for socializing, even in the workplace!

Providing coffee in the office is so important these days to keep employees motivated and energised. With its low cost, a cup of Joe can improve productivity, happiness and encourage socialization among employees.

To make your workplace a happy and productive space, speak to us today about an office coffee solution! We have plenty of pantry supplies too and will ensure that you never run out of the essentials. Or drop by our flagship store for a team meeting over good coffee and breakfast in the morning as we open early at 8am. Drop us an email at to find out more.

Although this blog post describes the many benefits of drinking coffee in the workplace, we also recommend drinking it in moderation.

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