7 Best Chinese New Year Gifts in 2023 for Friends, Families and Relatives

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Chinese New Year is fast approaching. It is a great idea to send out gifts to friends, families and relatives to express your respect and love. The All Things Delicious team is here to assist you. We have rounded up 7 best CNY gifts to give your loved ones. Let’s take a look!

1. Pussy Willow and Tangerine Plant

Flowers and plants play a huge role in many special festive occasions, especially during CNY. During this spring festival, a variety of flowers make beautiful gifts among friends, families and relatives. The most popular flowers for CNY are pussy willow and tangerine. Pussy willows symbolise growth. A special characteristic of this flower is the attractive silky buds. These silky buds are really beautiful and resemble silver coins. People recognized these silver buds as wealth. You will find many Chinese households in Singapore displaying stalks of them in their homes. The tangerine plant is also recognised as a lucky gift because of the golden colour of the tangerine fruits. If you wish your friends or relatives to have an improvement in their wealth or luck in the coming year, you should definitely gift them tangerine plants when you visit their homes.

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2. Tea Gift Box

A gift of tea is usually considered as a gift of good health. For centuries, Chinese people have been drinking tea to bring wellness and good health. Giving tea is considered as giving healthier and longer lives. Also, there is nothing like catching up with friends, telling stories with relatives around a shared pot of tea. This teatime moment really gives a strong connection between one another. Therefore, we cannot deny that tea is a great present that can be given. That is why the tea-gifting culture in CNY will never go out of style.

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3. Pineapple Tarts

During Chinese New Year, it is imperative to serve sweet desserts like pineapple tarts, bringing a sweet life into the new year. Giving pineapple tarts as gifts during lunar celebrations are a perfect way to wish the recipients good fortune and luck. In the Cantonese and Hokkien languages, the word pineapple is “ong lai” which translates to “fortune come”. If you are looking for the best pineapple tarts to wow your guest, All Things Delicious got your back.

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4. New Clothes

In Chinese Tradition, getting new clothes signifies new beginnings. Wearing new clothes really emphasises the idea of change, ridding of the old and accepting a better future. In the past, the mothers or wives normally sew or knit new clothes for the family ahead of the Chinese New Year. Therefore, buying new clothes for your family members during Chinese New Year can be one of the best gifts ever.

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5. Abalone

Abalone are marine snails and comes from the sea. Eating and gifting abalone is considered as bringing luck and prosperity for the rest of the year. Moreover, the taste of abalone is salty, buttery, and slightly chewy but it is so delicious to consume. Not only is the abalone a fabulous dish for the CNY reunion meal, but cans of this delicacy also make a great corporate gift. Therefore, during this CNY period, do not forget to give your associates and clients abalone as a gourmet gift.

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6. Bird’s Nest

When you talk about perfect gifts for Chinese New Year, you cannot forget Bird’s Nest. Bird's nest is traditionally an expensive dish to be served. Bird’s Nest is not only recognised as high-end product but also known for its health benefits. It is considered as an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine. Proteins that are included in bird’s nests can boost the immune system as well. Therefore, with the purpose of wishing good health to your friends, families and relatives, bird's nest is one of the finest gifts to give.

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7. All Things Delicious CNY Gift Basket

Having a struggle in thinking what to give to your special ones in Chinese New Year. Delectable handmade goodies and gourmet snacks are always a good idea! All Things Delicious got your back. We beautifully put together a gift basket featuring our well-loved cookies, Varlhona chocolate, organic tea and mandarin oranges for good measure. Check out our beautiful, gift baskets here.

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With that in mind, our All Things Delicious Team really hopes you will get great ideas for CNY gifts to your families, friends and relatives. Wish you all the best for Chinese New Year 2023.