6 Best Hari Raya Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

It can be stressful, hectic, and tiring to determine what to give to your loved ones. It is not necessary to bring a gift for Hari Raya visiting and there are no strict rules regarding it either, however, a good guest never shows up empty-handed! In light of this, we have compiled a list of fascinating and memorable gift ideas that will surely put a smile on their faces. Go ahead and show your loved ones that you care about them with these unique Raya gift ideas below!

Sage & Gifts

Forget the traditional gift hamper that you can’t customise. Curate unique, thoughtful Hari Raya gift boxes for your loved ones from Sage & Gifts. Our favourite is the build your own box (from $50). Now, you can put together your own one-of-a-kind gift with flair. Simply choose from the array of curated items available and enjoy the experience of hassle-free modern gift giving!

Image by Sage & Gifts via Facebook

A.muse Projects

A heartwarming gift to complement your Raya meals! Pamper your family and friends with the best tea selection from A.muse Projects to suit everyone’s choice. We believe you and the recipients are one of a kind and A.muse Projects believe your blend should be too! This local brand even allows you to create your own bespoke blend at home, fuss-free, without the need for an expert!

Image by A.muse Projects via Facebook

The Chatter Platter

Getting halal grazing boxes and platters in Singapore can be challenging, but don't fret - The Chatter Platter offers a range of localised flavours in its halal grazing boxes and platters, including Chilli Padi and Tempoyak cheeses that you won't find anywhere else! Our favourite is the Signature Brie Brulee topped with Passion Fruit seeds with a sweet and tangy aftertaste as well as the Chill Padi Cheese with seasonal fresh and fried fruits, crackers and a choice of your favourite homemade dip. You can also request halal meat options to be added to your grazing platter too! A box full of colourful flavours for you to surprise your guests and loved ones this Raya!

Images by The Chatter Platter via Facebook

Ratu Lemper

Thinking of having sweet and chewy kueh, multi-layered lapis cakes, sticky rice snacks this Raya? Ratu Lemper is a great place for you to grab a great selection of traditional Malay treats for you and your loved ones! The shop is most famous for its lemper - a glutinous rice snack wrapped in banana leaves and filled with meat fillings. Other popular snacks include the sweet Ondeh Ondeh and Lapis Sage, stacked in vibrant layers of colour. If you are ordering online, you might want to look at the mixed platters, which include a variety of lemper and tasty sweets and savouries. Do note their Eid pre-order is closed but they have plenty of other goodies for you to pick up at their physical store, right opposite All Things Delicious at Arab Street. Yums!

Images by Ratu Lemper via Facebook

Boxgreen Singapore

Unlike the high sodium, artificially preserved, coloured and flavoured snacks we normally purchase from the supermarket, Boxgreen offers a variety of healthy, sweet, and savoury alternatives that are delicious and nutritional. Although most of the Hari Raya gatherings will still be held at home, the easing of social distancing measures means that you’ll be able to host more family and friends this year. So why not be Raya Ready with Boxgreen’s sedap snacks? Our favourite is their “Hari Raya 2022 - A Big Bag of Snacks” that will make your guests go “sedapnyaaaaa”! Perfect to share with your family and friends at big gatherings.

Image by Boxgreen Singapore via Facebook

All Things Delicious

Since November 2020, All Things Delicious has been providing customers gifts that would definitely send a warm and fuzzy feeling to the ones receiving it. This Raya, show your loved ones that you are thinking of them this festive season with our specially curated gift sets, filled with festive goodies such as our best-selling little cakes, delicious handmade cookies and more, which will certainly appease your dear ones with a peace offering that will melt their heart. All Things Delicious products are freshly made in small batches with no added artificial additives and preservatives. So go ahead, pre-order now and order for friends, associates, corporate partners and loved ones with a peace of mind before they get sold out yet again!

Images by CJ Wadhwa

Furthermore, in collaboration with Singapore artist Nicole Then’s Company of the Brave, All Things Delicious is extremely excited to present a specially commissioned limited jute bag for this festive season! The beautiful illustration features All Things Delicious’ iconic Pineapple Tarts, cookie jars as well as floral and Raya elements. Perfectly sums up Live Love Raya! Use this bag to fill with our scrumptious, handmade goodies to bring along to a Raya open house.

Limited stocks are available so buy now!

With this list of ideas for Hari Raya gifts, we hope you will not go empty handed when you visit your family and friends this year. Not visiting or living far from your loved ones? Some companies are able to assist and help you deliver to your loved ones in Singapore too! With that, it doesn’t matter if you can’t as they will deliver your sincerity instead with a few clicks from you. Besides that, we know Hari Raya is all about feasting too so amp up the celebrations by indulging in our best-selling Hari Raya cookies and the Limited Edition Sweet Festive Cakes. Check out the rest of our Hari Raya offerings for more delicious goodness on all your other Hari Raya essentials.