5 Cool Ideas on Throwing a Birthday Party During a Global Pandemic

Planning a birthday party in a time of coronavirus can be a head-scratcher. In the past, all we had to do was simply book a suitable venue, come up with a great menu and think of some fun games and activities. BUT it's different now! If your loved one’s birthday is coming up, here're what you need to know about planning a successful pand-epic birthday during this global pandemic.

1. Virtual Hangout

Take advantage of the digital world and get more than 5 people together by throwing a virtual birthday party online! Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, Houseparty are some video-calling applications you can definitely try out. For those who are interested in a themed party, don't scroll away, this is for you too! Make it a themed party in which everyone dresses up and stream a movie together while you guys sip your favourite drink!

2. Surprise Them With a Subscription

A subscription gift is a great way to give the birthday boy or girl something that is useful and practical. If they are into Netflix, consider a Netflix subscription (starting at $11.98/month). For the health and fitness lovers, try signing them up for a class pass account where they can have unlimited access to over 4,000 on-demand workouts. For the shopaholics, there are plenty of options such as online games and even healthy meal subscriptions

3.Tasty Delivery

Gotta admit food is certainly the way to my heart! Who needs presents when there's food?! Getting someone their favourite meal, bakes and even a cuppa of their favourite coffee to the doorstep is a guaranteed birthday success. And nowadays, it is so easy to get a card included in your order too! Do it! Convenience is key! The deliciousness is a bonus!

4. Send the Party to Them

Yes, that's right, send it to them! Since it’s impossible to gather everyone for the celebration, why not send them a birthday celebration gift that includes a birthday cake, candles, decors, greeting cards, and a "Happy Birthday" cake topper! It's really that simple.

5. Self-care Bundle

Last but not least, why not take this opportunity and send a self-care bundle to them! There is no reason to neglect self-care and wellness, especially in these challenging times. One of the simplest ways to help them feel grounded and less stressed is to get them a scrumptious gift basket, containing fresh-baked granola and handmade cookies. Yummy! Besides sweet treats, you can also consider sending them an aromatherapy gift set, a bath set, scented candles set, the list goes on! Especially needed during this time of #WFH and for those who need some time to wind down from his or her daily stress!

We will all be together again, hang in there. In the meantime, stay healthy everyone!