Father's Day Savoury Set & Black Velvet Cake Combo

Size Guide

This set is good for 2 pax.

Our Father’s Day Savoury Set consists of a beautifully roasted spring chicken.

Our chefs have prepared two versions, depending on what dad likes better: Spicy Harissa Spring Chicken or Sage Lemon Butter Spring Chicken. The Spicy Harissa, though spicy, does have a hint of smokiness from the North African spices such as cumin and cayenne pepper. The latter is beautifully flavoured with good ol’ butter and sage with the zesty scent of lemon. Each set consists of a dip for the chicken, a creamy potato gratin, and a light pasta salad.

And why not pair this savoury set with a cake! All Things Delicious is thrilled to introduce our Black Velvet Cake, especially for Father’s Day! A soft black sponge, made with naturally black cocoa, for our very own dark knight! With cream cheese frosting and sweet, dark berries. Enjoy the good things and rest assured there are no artificial colours or flavours in this cake. The pastry team devoured this on test day, so I think you and your family will definitely enjoy this scrumptious cake!

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