Our Story

All Things Delicious is a halal-certified, bakery-cafe located in a conservation shophouse at the heart of Kampung Gelam - an area rich in cultural history coupled with a vibrant street scene. Established in 2013, All Things Delicious is not just known for our iconic baked goods but for our chef-prepared, comfort foods too. We believe everyone can have their cake and all things delicious too! ๐Ÿ’œ

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Why We Do What We Do

To brighten your day! It is enough for us knowing that you get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you open a box of handmade pastries or when you share a delicious, nourishing meal made by our chefs.

How We Do It


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What We Stand For

Our Making Philosophy

We play favourites with seasonal ingredients wherever possible and we do not use artificial flavours or colours. We cook and bake with European cultured butter, cage-free eggs and unrefined sugar.

Our Service Philosophy

Taking care of our customers with empathy and respect is central to our brand DNA. We trust in the value of long-term relationships and begin with having the customerโ€™s best interests at heart.

Our People Philosophy

Our team does solid work and is committed to success. We strive to nurture a healthy, supportive workplace where diverse perspectives are valued and where we treat each other with trust, respect and dignity. Visit our Careers page here.

Our Business Philosophy

We believe sustainable profitability and doing good goes hand in hand. We employ strategies that are committed to our long-term financial and altruism goals. See Our Initiatives here.