Good to Know - About Coconut Gula Melaka Cookies

About Coconut Gula Melaka Cookies

This is All Things Delicious' best-selling cookies and has inspired many! We are extremely flattered! One bite and you'll get it! Gula Melaka is the boiled-down sap of the flower buds of the coconut, date and/or sago palm. Used extensively throughout South East Asia, Gula Melaka is an unrefined sugar and is said to retain mineral salts (because they're not bleached). It contains vitamins B1-3, B6 as well as iron, potassium and zinc. This is one SUPER sugar! And you know what else? It's DELICIOUS on EVERYTHING! We can eat it on its own!

All Things Delicious serves halal-certified cookies, including eggless cookies and vegetarian cookies, cult-status scones, birthday cakes, classic cakes and wholesome food at their restaurant and bakery at 34 Arab Street. We make hand-crafted cookies and bake them fresh to order with pride containing only the best ingredients without any artificial colouring or artificial flavouring. We use European lactic butter, unrefined sugar and cage-free eggs.


This cookie is made in a facility that handles dairy, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy and tree nuts.

Best Served

Store these Coconut Gula Melaka cookies in air-tight containers away from heat and direct sunlight. Once open, consume immediately for the best experience.