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All day breakfast, lunch sets, pastas, nibbles and weekend specials

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All Day Breakfast

(till 5:30 pm)

  • Shakshouka  
    – a North African stew of peppers, tomatoes, mild spices, poached eggs & a dollop of crème fraîche, served with handmade foccacia    18.9
    Add Lamb Merguez Sausage   4.9
  • Hearty Breakfast  
    – free-range sunny side eggs, grilled fennel chicken sausages, tomato relish, Indian-spiced baby potatoes with sourdough toast   18.9
  • Wholesome Breakfast  
    – free-range scrambled eggs, sautéed mushrooms, Moroccan-spiced tomato relish, Norwegian smoked salmon with sourdough toast   18.9
  • Nourishing Breakfast  
    - handmade crabcakes made with real crab claw meat, soft yolk boiled egg on fresh greens, pomegranate seeds, cucumbers & sourdough garlic bread   18.9
  • Smoked Salmon on Sourdough 
    - creamy dill cream cheese with pickled shallots, capers, cucumber.
    single 10.9   double 18.9
  • Pumpkin on Sourdough 
    - hello beta-carotene! with soft-yolk boiled egg, drizzled with EVO. 
    single 9.9   double 17.9
  • Avocado on Sourdough 
    - soft yolk boiled egg, drizzled with EVO. 
    single 9.9   double 17.9
  • Scrambled Eggs on Sourdough 
    - free-range eggs cooked slowly & lovingly in butter. 
    single 7.9   double 17.9
  • Yogurt Granola 
    - Mel's Houseblend Granola, Greek yogurt, berry compote, fresh fruits. 11.9
  • Sourdough Toast 
    - two toasts, butter, jam. 6.9

Norwegian Smoked Salmon   5.2
Free-range Scrambled Eggs   5.2
Free-range Sunny Side  3 / 4.9
Lamb Merguez Sausage   4.9
Chicken Fennel Sausage   4.5
Shredded Rotisserie Chicken   4.5
Sauteed Mushrooms   3.9
Baby Potatoes   3.9
Half Avocado   3.9


    from 11:00 am to 5:30 pm

    Soup & Salads 

    • Soup with Savory Scone 
      - a bowl of wholesome, housemade soup with a warm, savory scone for the perfect light meal    10.9
    • Grass-fed Pink Roast Beef Salad  
      - mint, coriander, red peppers, house-pickled shallots, Japanese cucumber, with zesty peanut dressing   19.9
    • Slow-cooked Salmon & Tofu Salad 
      - purple cabbage, house-pickled carrots, cherry tomatoes, strawberries with crispy tau pok & an irresistible soy-sesame dressing - what a confetti!   18.9
    • Aubergine Pomegranate Salad 
      - baby spinach, avocado, pomegranate seeds, crumbled feta, crushed garlic, croutons with pomegranate molasses dressing   16.9


    Hot-pressed & Open-faced Sandwiches are available.
    Please see menu board for specials.


    • Lamb Meatballs 
      - tender & lean NZ lamb meatballs in rich tomato ragu with toasted pine nuts & parmesan    19.9
    • Coriander Pesto Prawns  
      - home-made pesto with juicy prawns, caramelised chillies & to toasted almond flakes   19.9
    • Creamy Smoked Salmon
      - with fresh dill & capers to keep it classy & grated parmesan to keep it down-to-earth  19.9
    • Crab Linguine
      - flakes of crab claw meat, cherry tomatoes, capers, bird's eye chili, Italian parsley &n crushed croutons   19.9

    Rice Bowls

    • Soy-glazed Salmon 
      - slow-cooked salmon fillet with miso-braised shimeiji, avocado, cherry tomatoes, soft-yolk boiled egg, sesame seeds & soy-balsamic reduction on Japanese rice   17.9 
      Upgrade to out Hawaiian-inspired, raw Salmon Poké   
    • Chicken Tikka  
      - 12-hr marinated chicken, caramelized peppers, tomato relish, chickpea puffs, cucumber raita on fragrant basmati cumin pilaf   17.9
    • Lamb Bites  
      - tender NZ lean lamb bites, hot mango salsa, spiced kidney beans, sour cream, lime, avocado on fragrant basmati cumin pilaf  17.9


    (from 11:00am till 5:30pm)

    Sweet Potato Fries  
    with sriracha mayo   11.9

    Masala fries
    with fresh mango mayo   10.9

    Garlic bread
    on house-made focaccia   6.9


    (from 11:00am till 7:00pm)
    Please see bakery counter for ore mouthwatering cakes, pastries & desserts. Our bakes are made with organic unrefined sugar, ree-range eggs & plenty of TLC!

    Bread & Butter Pudding 
    comfort food does not get more cozy than this warm dessert, with vanilla bean sauce  12.9

    Tropicana Fruit Crumble 
    seasonal tropical fruit with a crisp, buttery crumble & vanilla bean ice cream   12.9

    Bubor Som Som 
    divine coconut dessert from the Malay Archipelago, literally "bone marrow pudding"   11.9

    Earl Grey Creme Brûlée 
    only the best bergamot-scented tea leaves are used for this crackingly good classic!   9.9

    freshly-extracted espresso with our house-made vanilla bean ice cream   8.2

    Weekday Lunch Sets

    (11:30am – 2:30pm)
    For dine-in only
    Not applicable on during PH
    Not applicable with other promos

    BUY any Salad | Sandwich | Ricebowl | Pasta
    GET a wholesome soup OR a scrumptious dessert for FREE
    AND $2 off any drink!
    How’s that for a great lunch?

    Please check with our server for the soup/dessert of the day. The free soup and dessert of the day will be subject to availability and will be replaced with equivalent items as per the discretion of the chef.

    Weekend Specials

    (from 11:30am till 5:30pm)

    Roast Beef with the Works
    grassfed beef, all juicy & tender with cauli mash, roma tomato & shoestring fries, choose mushroom sauce or beef jus  26.9

    Chicken with Couscous 
    whole chicken leg cooked in cumin-laced tomato sauce with sweet apricots & grilled aubergina - a sweet & savoury dish   24.9

    Sticky Beef Meatballs Ricebowl
    charred broccoli, miso-braised shimeiji, pickled carrots, fried egg & coriander on Japanese rice   18.9 


    All prices exclude 10% Service Charge and 7% GST.

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