Mel’s Fruitcake

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This fruitcake is made with Mel’s not-so-secret blend of mixed fruits. She only chooses the good stuff so expect golden raisins, cranberries, apricots, prunes, currants, etc. If you’ve never been a fan of fruit cake, this might be the game-changer. Mel was also not a fan of fruitcakes.

She wasn’t quite pleased with the ordinarily dried fruit mix available, nor the spice ratio of most fruitcakes, she doesn’t like chunky nuts on her fruit cake, she had so many issues (that’s the trouble with her, always has issues). So she came up with a few recipes and tried a few times till she fell head over heels.

This is a solid block of love meant to be devoured little by little on a daily basis till Christmas is over. Or not.

Serves many.

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