If you’re looking for a birthday cake or a cake for any celebration, be it for an intimate celebration with the family or for a large group in the office, just scroll down below! But, having said that, do you really need an excuse to enjoy a cake?

Hello there!

I am Mel (@mel_wadhwa), founder and executive chef of All Things Delicious. Thank you for being here! At All Things Delicious, we like doing things the old-fashioned way. Each of our delicious cakes is handcrafted with tremendous pride by the wonderful #teamdelicious.

Yes, it takes longer to produce a cake the old fashioned way, it takes a lot of time to cook the fruits down to colour our cakes, there's a lot of effort in peeling and chopping citrus zest, but we still do it anyway.

The ingredients we use are all-natural and as far as possible, we try to source for items that are least processed. Think European lactic butter (never margarine or shortening), free-range eggs, pure vanilla extract, real fruits, superior cocoa, pure cream.....catch our drift? Oh, and we also use unrefined sugar (does not include icing sugar used for certain frostings) instead of refined white sugar. There are no artificial colours, flavours or other nasties! We love eating only the good stuff and we wouldn't want to serve you anything else. We believe that you love and value the same things as we do!

Deliciously yours,


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