Black, White & Gold Chocolate Cake

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Not as simple as it looks, this one.

The cake itself boasts a rich, dark and handsome kind of chocolate flavour (French cocoa is indeed the BEST!) and add to that the silky smooth chocolate ganache and pure vanilla meringue buttercream. Topped off with slivers of gold leaf.

Great for happy occasions and/or for cheering someone up.

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  • This chocolate cake is one of the favourite cakes at All Things Delicious. Nothing like good ‘ol dark chocolate cake with a little bit of vanilla buttercream for a monochrome style. Decorated with real gold leaf to add some glamour to this delicious cake. Dark chocolate sponge cakes lay snugly between lashings of caramel and chocolate ganache.
    Do you know that the term “ganache” is used to describe a chocolate filling inside a cake or candy? Legend has it that a young French student poured hot cream onto chunks of pure chocolate by mistake. His chef called him a ganache (meaning moron in old french) but the result turned out to be fantastic, and the ganache became a classic! A great birthday cake for the glamourous and monochrome-chic people in your life!
    This cake is also definitely great for kids parties and chocolate lovers at any time of the year!

    All Things Delicious serves halal-certified cakes and food at their restaurant and bakery at Arab Street. We make hand-crafted cakes with pride containing only the best ingredients without any artificial colouring or artificial flavouring. We use European lactic butter, unrefined sugar and free-range eggs.
    This cake is made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy and other tree nuts.
  • Keep the Black, White & Gold Chocolate Cake chilled and remove from fridge 30 minutes before serving. The cake is best served at room temperature. This cake keeps fresh for up to 2 days in the fridge. Store leftover cake in air-tight containers for up to two days in the fridge.

This menu item needs to be ordered at least 3 days in advance