Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Crème Cake (GF)

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You know when you’re in the mood for something so dark and so bold but yet still want to keep the mood light.

With a crown of glistening fresh berries, this gluten-free cake is it! Topped with a dollop of cream made with roasted hazelnuts ripened under the Mediterranean sun on Italian soil, you know there is no way at all for this could go wrong. And nothing will ever stop you from living the dolce vita, baby! 

NOTHING! Go on, buy that run-down villa in Tuscany!

Please note due to the nature of this cake, it has a sunken centre.

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  • This gluten-free chocolate cake is made using dark couverture chocolate without the addition of any flour. We love it for its bold chocolatey flavour. We also love it for its crown of glistening berries and beautiful edible flowers that you simply can’t take your eyes off the cake!
    Wait till you taste the hazelnut creme beneath the berries, where you will instantly be transported to the Piemonte region of Italy where the finest hazelnuts in the world are grown and have been cultivated for generations.
    This chocolate cake is great as an after-dinner cake with friends and loved ones and is certainly special enough to celebrate the special person in your life.

    All Things Delicious serves halal-certified cakes and food at their restaurant and bakery at Arab Street. We make hand-crafted cakes with pride containing only the best ingredients without any artificial colouring or artificial flavouring. We use European lactic butter, unrefined sugar and free-range eggs.
    This cake is made in a facility that also handles dairy, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy and other tree nuts.
  • Keep the Flourless Chocolate Cake chilled and remove from fridge 30 minutes before serving. The cake is best served at room temperature. This cake keeps fresh for up to 2 days in the fridge. Store leftover cake in air-tight containers for up to two days in the fridge.

This menu item needs to be ordered at least 3 days in advance