Oh so savoury!

We love serving wholesome, good food...
Pure and natural – with no artificial colourings, flavourings or aromas.
We bake and cook using butter, olive oil & organic unrefined sugar.

Exactly the way you like it too...

What a

Breakfast till 5:30pm

— Sourdough toast with butter & jam

— Scrambled eggs on sourdough *Single or *Double

— Greek honey yogurt with Mel’s Houseblend Granola, home-made berry compote & fresh fruit

— Breakfast Cake - (yes!) almond cake with mascarpone & fresh fruit

— Smashed avocado on sourdough with a perfectly boiled egg & organic EVOO
*Single or *Double

— Sautéed mushrooms on sourdough with caramelised onions & crumbled feta
*Single or *Double

— Nourishing Breakfast - Crabcakes made with real crab claw meat with salad a a 6-min egg.

— Wholesome Breakfast – scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms, Moroccan-spiced tomato relish, Norwegian smoked salmon & toast

— Hearty Breakfast – 2 sunny side ups, 2 grilled sausages, tomato relish and Indian-spice roast potatoes

Perfectly-boiled egg  
Scrambled eggs 
White scrambled eggs  
Half avocado
Sautéed mushrooms
Grilled sausage
Norwegian smoked salmon
Indian-spiced roast potatoes
Roast chicken
Toasted Sourdough


Our Specials

Weekday Lunch Sets

1130am – 2pm
For dine-in on weekdays only

Free Soup or Dessert with any Sandwich / Salad / Rice Bowl

And $2 off any drink with any Sandwich / Salad / Rice Bowl



from 11am till 5:30pm

— Turkish-spiced pumpkin soup with Greek yogurt, toasted almonds & organic EVOO

— Pan-fried aubergine with baby spinach & feta with pomegranate molasses dressing

— Roasted sweet potato & onions with beetroot, grilled paneer & toasted almonds

— Soy-glazed Salmon with fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes, braised shimeiji and a 6-min egg - on Japanese rice

— Chicken Tikka with caramelised peppers, cucumber raita, tomato relish and chickpea puffs - on basmati rice

— Lamb Bites with avocadoes, sour cream, tortilla chips & salsa on basmati rice

— Hummus with grilled artichoke & cheddar (V)
— Sautéed mushroom with baby spinach & emmental (V)
— Sriracha chicken with fresh carrot slaw & cheddar
— Chicken tikka with coriander-almond pesto, fruit chutney & brie

OPEN-FACE SANDWICHES on sourdough with side salad

— Hot tuna melt - with chili flakes
— Roast chicken with fresh mango salsa - juicy, spicy and delicious!
— Smoked salmon with dill cream cheese, pickled onions & cucumbers


Weekend Specials

from 11am

— A Middle-eastern stew of peppers, tomatoes & spices with two poached eggs and a dollop of crème fraîche. Toasted sourdough on the side

— Fresh prawns with avocados tossed with fresh mango salsa & delightful greens

Open-face Sandwich on sourdough and side salad
— Fresh prawns with avocados & mango salsa with hot sauce - succulent & irresistable!