Ramadan-to-Go Specials


Healthy meals, thirst quenching drinks & more for a power-packed iftar!

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Ramadan Kareem! The joys that Ramadan brings can sometimes be hampered with our busy lifestyles. If you're working late or if you have no time to make a decent meal for you and your family, fret not. All Things Delicious introduces you to our ready-to-go meals and drinks that are freshly made and prepared just for you.

All meals and snacks come in disposable bento boxes and pick up location is 34 Arab Street. Items are available while stocks last. 2 days notice is recommended for large orders to avoid disappointments.

Cutoff time for order is 3pm daily except Mondays (closed). Call us at 6291 4252 for details!

Mel's Houseblend Granola - Ramadan Edition

Our granola keeps you going throughout the day!


Mel's Houseblend Granola Ramadan Edition makes a great suhur meal. Packed with nutritious oats and nuts, the Ramadan edition comes with the addition of energy-giving Deglet Nour dates. Sweetened with honey and organic sugar, the granola will provide a slow release of energy to keeps you going throughout your day.

Have it on its own with yogurt and fresh fruit. Or you could also blend it into a smoothie. Here's a recipe, try it!

Early Morning Granola Smoothie
1 scoop of ice
1/2 cup of Mel's Houseblend Granola
1 small banana
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
1/2 cup coconut water or water or milk
some honey, if preferred

Blend everything & enjoy!

200g Pack    $8.90

500g Pack    $16.90

Rejuvenating Rice Bowls

All rice bowls come as a set with a gorgeous dessert and complimentary premium dates. Bismillah!

Mel, thank you for rolling out the Ramadan-to-Go meals! Perfect amount of food for iftar without being overstuffed. And the Berry Rosemary drink is to die for! And of course everything is so delicious as always! Made my Wednesday, thanks again!
— Ms Raudhah Rizal, Teacher


This is our most popular ricebowl! Served with braised organic shimeiji mushrooms, fresh avocado slices, cherry tomatoes and a 'gram-worthy 6-minute egg! CLICK-click!



With the juicy 12-hour marinated chicken tikka on fluffy basmati pilaf. Comes with caramelised peppers, tomato relish, fresh cucumber raita and crispy chickpea puffs (boondi). Super fun and delicious!



Using premium NZ lamb, the lamb meatballs ricebowl comes with spiced red kidney beans, avocado slices, a dollop of sour cream and our zingy hot mango salsa. Juicy!



Complete your meal with these mouth-watering sides.



A refreshing salad! Delicate baby spinach is tossed with juicy watermelon, crumbled feta and toasted almonds. Comes with homemade honey-dijon dressing.


Get $3 off the Al'Ard Palestinian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with any sidekick purchased. Usual price is $19.80 for 250ml


You'll get two delightful dips!
Fresh Hummus - freshly made with premium Italian chickpeas and extra virgin olive oil.
Beetroot Yogurt Dip - pink & pretty! This delicious dip is a beet-iful combination of Greek yogurt, earthy beetroot and mild spices. With extra virgin olive oil, of course!

Best part is they come with our homemade foccacia. (price is for both dips including bread)


Get $3 off the Al'Ard Palestinian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with any sidekick purchased. Usual price is $19.80 for 250ml




Perfect, naturally-flavoured beverages to satiate your thirst.


Made with minimal sweeteners and instead, relying on naturally occuring sugars found in fruit and coconut water, these drinks are the perfect pick-me-up come sunset! Chia seeds are full of Omega-3 fatty acids and aids digestion.


Mango Mint with Coconut Water & Chia Seeds

Berry Rosemary with Coconut Water & Chia Seeds

$8 each