All Things Delicious is lead by Chef/Owner Dewi Imelda Wadhwa or Mel for short. One night in 2013, she wrote a poem upon deciding that she's going to open her own shop. Click here to read the poem.

To start with, it wasn’t much. She baked everything herself - out of her little kitchen with a basic hand-held mixer (courtesy of mum). No fancy gadgets, no kitchenaid, just a lot of elbow grease. She didn't get a proper tabletop mixer until months later. 

Mel’s customers are her biggest fans. You could say, she won hearts one cake at a time.

♡ Tip: Having a top-notch photographer husband helps too.

Mel’s first shop at Crawford Lane was a sweet spot until more and more people turned up. A new home at the swingingly hip Arab Street couldn’t have arrived at a better time. 

A bustling cafe by day. In the evening, the place transforms into an inviting destination for some culinary magic. made and served by people who :) smile a lot.


Sweet and savoury


Fresh, scrumptious and wholesome - good food rules here.

Starting with naturally good ingredients, we crave for All Things Delicious.

Fresh or classic, sweet or savoury, indulge in hard-to-resist goodness.

What we do is food for the soul; hey, even our coffee reigns supreme.
Join our spirit for living vibrantly - served warm daily at All Things Delicious.



We are discerning in using high quality fresh ingredients. 
The proof is in every bite.



Our unique creations are made to be enjoyed till the last crumb - always.



We want to make sure that you enjoy your time with us - every chance we get.



We love our earth - we reduce and recycle, whenever we can.



We aim to make a difference every day - in big and small ways.


♡ wholesome and good
♡ organic unrefined sugar
♡ free-range eggs
♡ nothing artificial
♡ no trans fat
♡ no high-fructose corn syrup


Good food - made with great people

You're in good company

We are a passionate food maker with talented chefs and attentive service. We believe that taking care of everyone takes care of everything else. It's not just the core of what we make, but what we stand for.

😋 Positively good

Making it with people of excellence with a really good taste for quality. We’ve always enjoyed the art and fun of making. But if we’re really honest, we do it for the love. The one that says, ‘umm this is so good’ - regardless of product or service.

🌟 Star package

Ours is a culture where we take care of our own people. We are a young F&B company with an ambitious and entrepreneurial energy - eager to get the best out of ourselves every day. And for that, we offer a competitive growth package which promises a rewarding career. If you're excited about the idea of building a global brand that will go places, talk to us now!

🌞 Sunny vibes

A vibrant workplace is a home away from home where fun is a big part. We invite passionate food makers who love serving at all levels. Our commitment to creating good food with friendly and attentive service is what sets us apart. We are proud of our sunny culture, made by a great team!

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